Wednesday, February 1, 2012

History Of Glam: Dramatic 1940"s

With big makeup names like Max Factor, Elizabeth Arden, Dorothy Gray and Helena Rubinstein, The look of the evening was GLAMOUR. Women came alive at night, after spending long, hard hours in factories or shipyards. At night these women were allowed to dress and look more feminine than in the day. It was still very simple but it gave them sex appeal. 

Foundation was applied in a slightly darker color than your actual skin tone then a powder that matches your skin tone was applied on top, to make skin appear flawless. Rouge was either red with a pink undertone, or pink with a fuchsia undertone. This was applied in a triangle from cheekbones to right below the temple giving off a triangle effect. 

Eye makeup was quite different from day to night. Daytime required little makeup to get these women through the day. They wore light skin color shades just to quickly brighten the eyes. Evening time was all about a smoky eye. Using light grays, tans, lighter blacks they're smoky eye was flawless giving them a mysterious, yet inviting look. Lashes were caked with mascara. Remember lashes are key. 

Lipstick worn for the evening was much darker, and sexier. Women wanted to appeal to more men without looking like they're trying. One way they did this was with their lips. They wore a perfect crimson, brick red, or mahogany lip. Any dark red was used. 

For my look, I followed this to a T.  But I was very inspired by pictures of Vivien Leigh. Grey smoky eye, a couple coats of mascara, fake lashes, crimson lips, and rosy blush. I actually liked this look. I found it rather beautiful. 

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