Friday, February 24, 2012

Decade Of Glam: Dramatic 1980's

The punk subculture was born in 1970's with the United Kingdom as its forefront of the movement, Clothing was heavily influenced by British designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren,and styles modeled on bands like The Ramones and The Exploited. styles had changed slightly by the 1980's.  Many art movements including; glam rock, skin heads, greasers and rude boys influenced punk. But for those who said Mod influenced punk was highly mistaken. Punks and Mods were as different as ketchup and mustard. 

Punks wore a number of typical pants included by tight pants, leather pants, bondage pants and bright leopard/plaid  pants. Ripped fishnets were commonly seen on female punks. Shirts were tight fitting and usually featured shop printed band names and punk slogans. Vests were ripped and adnored with studs and spikes.  Some punks sported leather motorcycle or old denim jackets. Most jackets were accessorized with spikes, studs, safety pins band patches buttons, or even the front design of a band tee cut off and sewn onto the back. Butt flaps were also very common, these were also like the cut up band tee sewn to the back of denim jackets. Dr. Marten boots and combat boots were found on almost every punk kids feet. Leather skirts and heavy chained belts were worn. 

Hair of course was the central to punk fashion. Kids wore an array of different styles and cuts and even colors. Mohawks were overly common, but some wore them in a fanned mohawk or in spikes. Liberty Spikes were fashioned from the Statue Of Liberty. Hair was bleached, teased, and colored in all different techniques. Hair cuts and colors changed as quickly as their moods. 

Makeup in this culture was whatever pissed your parents and authority figures off. The blacker and crazier the better. Eyeliner HEAVILY rimmed the eyes. Red lipstick was favoured during this cultural movement. 

This is one fashion trend I FREAKING LOVE!! I love punk, I've been into punk music and fashion since I was in 6th grade and started to rebel. Lol. I am in love with Brody Dalle, now I know she wasn't part of the 80's underground movement then but I took a makeup page out of her book so to speak. If I was into chicks she would be my musicial soul mate. Well Brody Dalle when she was in The Distillers. I'm not into her Spinnerette music. But anywho enough with the rambling. Here's my look.

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