Thursday, February 2, 2012

Makeup Basics: White Eyeliner.

A good white eyeliner is such a necessity, it can not only brighten your eyes but it can help brighten shadows and change the color of your eyebrows if wanted without harsh dyes. I have found 2 excellent white liners that will permanently be in my makeup collection.
First one is Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk.
This bad boy is only $4.50. It's quite a steal if you ask me. This product is SO white and creamy. It works wonders as a base, or just simply a liner.

And Rimmel Kohl Kajal White liner. I think I bought this for around $4. It's affordable and works quite well. I honestly think this could be a knock off of Nyx milk pencil. They are roughly the same color and consistency yet Nyx is creamier.

White liner is a great tool to use when wanting a fresh, bright eyed look. It makes you seem inviting and more awake. When applied to the inner corner, lower lash line, and brow bone, it can stimulate a bright eye look. All you have to do is smudge it once you have applied a small amount to each place I've mentioned, then press one a white shimmery powder. to the inner corner and brown. This also looks fabulous when paired with a neutral/pin up look.

White liner is also a great base for bright, highly pigmented shadows. I use it whenever I'm in the mood for a intensely bright look like this. I used a eye shadow base, then applied Nyx Milk all over my lid. Then blended it out and up to the crease. Then just apply your shadows. It makes neon colors just POP

Ever wanted pink eyebrows without permanent dyes? So do I, in fact I change the color of my eyebrows all the time. It does fool people quite a bit and I do enjoy it. lol. When changing the color of your eyebrows just run a white liner through them, filling them in. Once they are mostly all white pat your shadow on top and WAH-LAH. :]

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