Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Physicians Formula Eye Enhancing Shimmer Strip Review.

I have a couple of Physicians Formula makeup products and I'm don't have much knowledge about this company other than it's a drugstore company. But I received the Eye Enhancing Shimmer Strip for brown eyes and I was very excited to try it out.  This is what it looks like.

And this is a closer look at the colors


           I really enjoy some of these colors. However some do fall flat. The two silver colors are quite pretty. They do need to be applied a couple times because they are not super pigmented. But they are pretty none the less. The light iridescent purple color next to the first silver is crap plain and simple. It doesn't show up unless you sit there and pack and pack it on, which is depressing because I happen to like the look of it.  The second to last color in this strip is a dark plum purple, now it looks purple in the strip but when it's applied it looks blackish. 

                     These colors last a good amount of time without creasing or simply fading away. 
They do tend to have a little amount of fall out but nothing serious or worth fussing about. 

                     For a drugstore brand I like this eye shadow strip. It was affordable and works. Some of these colors are very beautiful. When I usually buy eye shadows that are meant for brown eyes I find that they don't really make them pop like they're supposed to. But this one really does! I would recommend this for any girl on a budget or beginning to learn the ways of makeup. It's good. I do honestly like this. 

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