Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj Lipstick

Viva Glam lipsticks is a campaign to help bring awareness to HIV/AIDS through beauty. These lipsticks and lipglasses are the primary products in the fund-raising for MAC AIDS Fund. 100% of the sales are donated to people living with HIV/AIDS. This fund has raised $44 million dollars in U.S. dollars alone.  The platform of this charity is to focus on the importances of getting tested and knowing your health status.

I've seen what AIDS can do to someone, and I always stress the importance of getting tested to all my friends. From the prude, modest ones to the party going promiscious ones. Now that my sister has entered her teenage years, we have discussed the potential dangers of sex. This talk will keep coming as my youngest sister gets older as well as my daughter. I want them to be safe in any endeavor. So knowing that the money I spent on this lipstick makes me feel like my little talks are more than just talks. Wearing this lipstick is more than just wearing lipstick it's a conversation starter.

I really enjoy this lipstick. It glides on very smoothly and the color payoff is phenomenial.  I've been dying for a bright pink lipstick. And I absolutely LOVE Nicki Minaj!

Natural Remedies: Burns

Last night I reintroduced my body to extreme heat. It absolutely sucks, I was helping my little sister pour her boiling hot tea into a plastic cup filled with ice. I took it off the stove and starting pouring, the ice shifted which caused the cup to bend and I accidentally poured the scorching hot tea onto my hand. I cried a little as I held it under cool water. Going to sleep last night was the hardest thing ever. My hand felt like it was being held directly over a fire, it was excuriating. So I jumped on my computer looking for anything that would take the horrible sting out of a burn and found a couple things that help.

Burns are the most common of any injuries. Burns can come from any type of extreme heat either from the sun, fire, hot fluids in my case or even chemicals or electricty. While most of us only suffer from minor burns that are non-threatening and are not anything to worry too much about. But certain burns require medical attention. Treatment for burns naturally depend on the severity, size and area of the burn. It is important to be aware of first aid measures of minor burns.

First degree burns are the most common of burn injuries. This usually causes the surface injury to become inflammed, red and swelled. It can be quite tender. This type of burn can be treated at home.

Second degree burns cause greater damage because they are deeper in the skin cause not only pain and inflammation but also blistering. Treatment at home can help to minimize the extent of damage but medical treatment is also necessary.

Third degree burns are obviously the most severe and affect each layer of skin. They are extremely serious because they can completely destroy or kill the affected skin. Because of the depth of third degree burns  this can damage nerves and blood vessels. Areas with third degree burns have a white leathery appearance. If you ever have a third degree burn skip home remedies and go straight to the Emergency Room.

After a burn occurs the very first thing you should do is try and reduce the temperature of the affected area. Dipping the body part in chilled water for 15-30 minutes can greatly reduce the heat.

Applying honey to the wound after washing it properly can prevent infection and help quicken the healing process

Papaya contains enzymes that can help remove dead skin cells from the burned area.

Aloe Vera can be a life saver when it comes to treating burns. This can cool the burn, help the wound heal and prevent it from scarring.

Making a paste from water and baking soda can immediately take the sting out of a burn. Leaving it on for 15-25 minutes works wonders. I actually did this last night and it helped me get to sleep.

Eating foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals are important in the healing process. Since a burn can cause a loss of the substantial amount of micronutrients it slows the healing process and increases the risk of infection. So make sure to take a vitamin or eat foods rich in Vitamin B, C, Glutamine, Arginine, Copper and Zinc.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Decade Of Glam: Dramatic 1980's

The punk subculture was born in 1970's with the United Kingdom as its forefront of the movement, Clothing was heavily influenced by British designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren,and styles modeled on bands like The Ramones and The Exploited. styles had changed slightly by the 1980's.  Many art movements including; glam rock, skin heads, greasers and rude boys influenced punk. But for those who said Mod influenced punk was highly mistaken. Punks and Mods were as different as ketchup and mustard. 

Punks wore a number of typical pants included by tight pants, leather pants, bondage pants and bright leopard/plaid  pants. Ripped fishnets were commonly seen on female punks. Shirts were tight fitting and usually featured shop printed band names and punk slogans. Vests were ripped and adnored with studs and spikes.  Some punks sported leather motorcycle or old denim jackets. Most jackets were accessorized with spikes, studs, safety pins band patches buttons, or even the front design of a band tee cut off and sewn onto the back. Butt flaps were also very common, these were also like the cut up band tee sewn to the back of denim jackets. Dr. Marten boots and combat boots were found on almost every punk kids feet. Leather skirts and heavy chained belts were worn. 

Hair of course was the central to punk fashion. Kids wore an array of different styles and cuts and even colors. Mohawks were overly common, but some wore them in a fanned mohawk or in spikes. Liberty Spikes were fashioned from the Statue Of Liberty. Hair was bleached, teased, and colored in all different techniques. Hair cuts and colors changed as quickly as their moods. 

Makeup in this culture was whatever pissed your parents and authority figures off. The blacker and crazier the better. Eyeliner HEAVILY rimmed the eyes. Red lipstick was favoured during this cultural movement. 

This is one fashion trend I FREAKING LOVE!! I love punk, I've been into punk music and fashion since I was in 6th grade and started to rebel. Lol. I am in love with Brody Dalle, now I know she wasn't part of the 80's underground movement then but I took a makeup page out of her book so to speak. If I was into chicks she would be my musicial soul mate. Well Brody Dalle when she was in The Distillers. I'm not into her Spinnerette music. But anywho enough with the rambling. Here's my look.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Natural Remedies: Razor Burn

There is nothing more frustrating and possibly embarassing than just finishing a close shave and noticing razor burn. They are ways to fight this uncomfortable condition.

Razor burn is a common problem shared by both male and female.. Razor burn is usually considered an irritation of the skin, nicks, and cuts that may occur during shaving. While razor bumps are caused by ingrown hairs. It can appear like a mild rash when disappears for a few hours or days. Many times razor burn is accompanied by razor bumps. In this case, the area around the shaved skin will get a raised welt or infected pustule.

Symptoms & Remedies

Ice Pack

An ice pack can reduce inflammation and irritation and can help prevents any bumps or boils.


Cucumbers are such a wonderful moisturizer. It also helps heal skin from potential dryness or minor cuts. Mashing up a cucumber or 2 can help soothe and nourish the skin. It also provides relief from irritation and reduces redness.


Calendula leaves can also sooth the skin. It helps fight off any potential infection or boils.

Black Tea.

Black tea is a common natural remedy for razor burn. Apply it to the affected area with a cotton ball and let it sit for 15 minutes. Tea contains Tannins which help constrict blood vessels and help reduce any possible burning sensation. Tannins are also an anti-inflammatory so it reduces any redness and allows the skin to heal quickly.

Coconut Oil & Mint Leaf Juice

Coconut oil contains many fatty acids as well as vitamins that can help quicken the healing process. Mint Leaf Juice helps reduces puffyness or redness and allows your skin to return to the original color.


Most aspirin contains Aectophetmine which is a anti-inflammatory. Crush 2 aspirins and mix with a little warm water creating a paste, then apply topically to the affected area. This can take care of any irritated skin.


Strawberries contain a salicylic acid that rids skin of dead cells, removes impurities, and reduces swelling and redness. By mashin up a couple of strawberries  and placing it on your skin for 10 minutes can leave skin looking and feeling great.

There are many other suggestions for razor burn that can help smooth skin. Here are a couple ones that just might be worth trying!

Eating foods rich in Vitamin C can help in restoring damaged or irritated skin quickly. Using warm water or steam can soften the skin and hair before shaving. Doing this can prevent any nicks or cuts.  If you use plain old soap just this could be why. Certain soaps and body washes can actually dry out the skin, so it can lead to making an already irritated area even more pissed. Shaving gels and foams are created to put a thin layer between skin and razor to protect it from cuts and razor burns. For men, start by shaving the easier parts first like the jaw line, cheeks and neck. But take your time! Shaving too fast can easily annoy your skin. Storing your razor away from your shower or bath tub can keep it sharper for a longer time but also keep it from rusting.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Decade Of Glam: Natural 1980's

The term Valley Girl started out as a stereotype to describe the materlistic english speaking generation. It originally referred to an increasion number of middle to upper class girls living in the San Fernando Valley. The term soon metamorphosed into a stereotype for women who had a "ditzy" or an "airhead" personality, one who was unapologetically spoiled and showed more interest in partying, shopping, personal apperance and social status than in intellect, development or personal accomplishments.  There was even a sociolect associated with this girls that was called "Valspeak". It became overly popular during the 1980's and entered in much of the teenage slang. Common words in "Valspeak" were; like, whatever, way, as if, totally, bitchin, duh, gag me, queer. it was often spoken in a heavy accent and words were spoken in a very open or nasal vowel sounds.

The Valley Girl trend started in California and soon spread across the United States. Headbands, leg-warmers and miniskirts were fashionable in this trend. Leg-warmers that were once worn by professional dancers during rehersals became and everyday attire for teens. The popularity of sweatshirts with the collars cut off exploded in teen fashion following the movie Flashdance in 1983. Miniskirts returned after a long disapperance in the early 70's. in the mid-80's a fashion craze of designer jeans and saw leather became widely demanded. Women and young girls went crazy over lace as well. Leggings became common underneath miniskirts. 

Makeup was light with bright pops of color such as blues, yellows and pinks. Eyeliner was strongly winged in a cat eye manner. Brows were thick and arched. Blush was applied heavily to the cheeks in a straight line. 

80's Hair made us all cringe with embarassment for our mothers. Hairstyles were like a badge of honor then. With styles like teasings and the extremely asymmetical new wave social hair to funky side ponytails, their was enough hairspray in the air to kill a generation if someone lit a cigarette. 
The 80's had a number of styles from waves, bobs, pixies, and the flock of seagulls look. Teasing was in. The higher your hair the higher your popularity got it seemed. Hair was teased with a frizzy passion and bangs gave off an "I'm closer to god than you" look. With Aqua Net in the air the only place for hair to go was up. 

Browsing through pictures of Pat Benatar and Cyndi Lauper gave me an feel for 80's makeup. Girls pretty much wore heavy enough blush and eye makeup so that strangers could see it easily from across the street and down the block. lol. I stumbled upon the photo of Cyndi Lauper above and tried recreating it. It seemed blue shadow on the lid was very imfamous. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

DIY: Sweet and Gentle Exfoilator

Today's face and body recipe comes straight from Paula Deen. Now I'm not a big fan of her strictly because of her extreme overuse of butter and oils. I don't see how you can give America recipes with such a high amount of fat and hock diabetes medicine at the same time. But enough ranting, this is a gentle yet invigorating exfoliator made with items found in your kitchen that will leave your face and body glowing.

This is very easy to make and takes only 10minutes.

Here's what you'll need:

1 Cup Dark Brown Sugar

1/2 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Almond Oil can be used as a subsitute)

1 ts Vitamin E

1 ts Pure Vanilla Extract

1 TBS Honey

In a medium mixing bowl, combine all oils and vanilla extract. Once combine add the brown sugar and mix well.

This can be used in the shower and used daily. But be aware that oils can make shower surfaces slippery so please be cautious. This can be stored in plastic or glass containers and can be given as a wonderful home made beauty gift.

Decade Of Glam" Dramatic 1970's

Disco music took the world by storm in the 70's. The genre's popularity peaked during the late 1970's and it could be found in clubs for African American, LGBT, psychedelic and heterosexual white communites. It was also a reaction by New York's LGBT communities who were against the domination of rock music and the stigmatization of dance music. But by the late 1970's stron anti-disco sentiments developed among the rock genre and it's fans. Slogans such as "Disco Sucks" and "Death To Disco" became overly popular appearing anywhere from graffitti tags to t-shirts. Radio DJ's would organize mass burnings of Bee Gee's and other artists albums and posters. Rock artists like Rod Stewart and David Bowie began to see a blacklash toward their music by fans who accused them of selling out due to disco element in their music. 

Halter tops and cat suit patterns were becoming fashionable and seen everywhere. Exotic and tropical prints were a reflection of one's longing and inspiration for a forgein travel. Clothing prints from India were very fashionable. Bell-bottomed pants were still around and very popular still. Turtle necks and flower printed shirts were regularly worn. In the later part of the decade three-piece suits became famous due to the movie "Saturday Night Fever." Leisure suits and platform shoes were highly favored in the disco bandwagon.  During the Disco era girls donned hot pants in many neon colors, spandex and stretch sequin bandeau tops. Stretch halter tops, leopard prints and white clothing under Ultra Violet lights became the perfect Disco wardrobe.

With the 70's being a time of distinctive and viberant fashion, the disco culture focused of strobe lights, bone hugging clothes, and disco balls. Women's makeup reflected the glitzy atmosphere. The culture was designed to grab attention and was anything but subtle. Eye makeup was dramatic and flirtatious. Eyes were either smokey or shimmery. The typical disco look involved brightly colored eye shadow like blues and yellows with matching glitter on top. Eyeliner was typically ringing the eye in a "cat eyed" manner. Eyelashes were usually overly coated with macara and adorned with falsies. Face makeup was intended to give the skin a dewy look. But many just wore a clean and well moisturized face. Lipstick was either bright pink and ehanced with a layer of sparkly gloss. 

Hollywood starlets like Farrah Faccett and Lynda Carter inspired young women with their hair. The blown back feathered look took the young generation by storm. You could not walk out your door without seeing one Farrah Faccett inspired hair. Afros were one of the many famous hairstyles. Black power and pride were strong and as a way of reinforcing humans that beauty came in all shapes, sizes and colors. Black men and women would grow out their hair created a giant puff. But one of the weirdest afros was the disco wedge taken out on the sides. 

For my look, I went with a sparkly smokey eye. I was inspired by how everyone seemed to come alive at night and of course the infamous disco ball. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Makeup Basics: Finding The Perfect Foundation

We have all seen this, and some of us even do this without knowing- walking around with a dark foundation line across our jawline/neck. Not only is this embarassing but it makes us look sloppy. You would think only preteens and older women fall guilty to this, but finding the perfect foundation can be a daunting task, and almost as hard to find as finding the perfect bra for us. . I don't know how many times I have tried to find the perfect shade for me and coming home to open and apply it, it is either way too dark or is a sickly yellow color. If you are not comfortable having a stranger swipe foundation across your face or spent too much money on the wrong shades take these steps to find what works for you

If you are shopping in a department store, remember you always want to test before you buy. And remember to moisturize before you leave your house. If your picking it off a local store aisle make sure it has a liberal return policy. Before you pick the foundation, you need to find the right formulation for your skin type. If you have oily skin look for foundation that says "Oil Free", "Oil Control", or "Matte."  If you have dry skin, go for a moisturizing foundation usually these say "Hydrating" or "Moisture-Rich" Reading the ingredients is also a plus. Foundations that contain glycerin glide on a lot more easier. Cream-to-Powder bases are great for combination skin. Mineral foundations are wonderful for all skin types especially sensitive skin.

Now that you know what type you need for your specfic shade, now you need to decide what type of coverage you need. Many foundations come in various type of coverage; sheer, medium, full. And also the type of finish you would like either matte, dewy, or luminous. If you have good skin and just want to even out a few iffy areas go for a sheer finish. For women with slightly uneven skin tones consider a medium finish. Women with really uneven skin tones and slightly more blemishes try a full foundation.

Now comes the actual selection for your perfect foundation. It can be VERY tricky and slightly intimidating if you are unsure. If you are scouting it out in a department store, do not apply foundation before hand, you always want to test on a nice, clean, moisturized face. A good trick is to bring a type of makeup remover with you so you can easily remove the testing colors. While testing, apply a small strip on your jawline down toward your neck. The best way to test is taking a mirror with you into the natural light outdoors but since you cannot do this without being charged for shoplifting simply test along the jaw. .  If your shopping at a local store makeup aisle this can be trickier because you don't get to test them. It's a lot like a guessing game. If you are fair skinned look for shades with a peach/pink undertone. Usually the bottles will say something like "Light Ivory", "Ivory" or "Porcelain." Yellow based foundations are flattering for just about every skin tone. People with medium shade skin can grab a yellow based shade, it should work well. Usually these are called "Buff Beige", "Early Tan", "Golden Beige." But avoid colors with a pink or orange undertone.

After you find your right shade and apply this remember what Peg Boggs from Edward Scissorhands said while finding Edward's perfect shade was; " The concealing cream goes on, then you blend, and blend and blend. Blending is the secret." Do not stop blending at the jawline. It creates a dark mask that is VERY visible. ALWAYS blend down toward the neck. If not you will look like the CoverGirl commericals with Drew Barrymore. Ick..

I truely hope this helps!