Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Kiss With A Fist Makeup and Discussion.

Now I know domestic violence is a VERY touchy subject. Men who abuse women whether it be mentally, pyshically or even emotionally should be shot, plain and simple. Or better yet let a group of battered women go to town on them. I wanted to practice my bruising and basic cuts for spfx so I chose to go down the domestic violence route. Looking at references was incredibly sad and disturbing but it's something you must do in order to do this type of makeup effectively. Spfx makeup requires you to know anatomy and what cuts,scrapes, gouging,burns, and pretty much everything morbid about the body and the way it reacts to harm.

If you or somebody you know are a victim of domestic violence, PLEASE let somebody know! You are never in this alone. You have friends and family that love you more than you'll ever know. There is always 2 ways of getting out. both can be devasting but one option allows you to walk away with your life. I know it may seem tough to get out but it will be tougher in the long run to stay in a dangerous relationship. If you have a friend in this predicament, constantly remind them you are there to support them and most importantly are there for them at any time. Do not allow your loved ones to become another statistic. Get them out before it's too late. Contact parents, teachers, or police officers. They may be upset at the time but your saving their life.

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Here are some facts on Domestic Violence:

* 1 in 4 women will experience some sort of domestic violence in her lifetime.
* An estimated 1.3 million women have been a victim of domestic violence each year.
* 20-24 year old women are at the greatest risk of nonfatal violence by their partner.
* Most cases of domestic violence are  NEVER reported.
* Almost 1/3 of female homicide victims are caused by intimate partner violence.

Let's change this ladies! Learn what you can do.

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