Thursday, March 29, 2012

Skin Complusions.

Complusions are physical or mental repetitive behaviors that are used to relief some anxiety caused by an obsession. There is control found in doing little actions in a very precise manner that seems to contrast the chaos that the obsessions are creating in one's mind. All behaviors or mentals acts are meant to try and prevent or reduce anxiety levels or to prevent a dreaded event or situation. Many complusions involve touching or tapping, hoarding, repeatings, arranging or collecting. But some complusions are skin related. A person suffering from skin complusion may not even be aware they are doing it. Some are and just cannot stop this behavior while some are doing it out of sheer boredom.

I can admit that I have had a part in some of these and have successfully stopped one of them. But even though I had stopped, it did cause damage. I used to obsessively pluck my eyebrows. If i saw a tiny little stray hair I would frantically look for the tweezers. This started when I was around 13 years old. I once had such thick eyebrows and now they are very thin and even though I have quit plucking them altogther my eyebrows will not grow back in. So remember if you have a little skin tick whether it be picking, scratching, or plucking it can and most likely will have long term damage.

Skin picking is a lot like an OCD tick. Many know they are doing it, they know it can be painful and self-defeating. The tragic and rather confusing aspect of skin picking is that the person finds comfort or an emotional release in the act. While knowing that this behavior needs to be stopped or avoided the person will continue the behavior. Some may do it just out of boredom. Skin picking can bring alot of shame and embarassment for the person because they may not think it is common or want others to see. This little tick can cause many unwanted scars, infections, tissue damage, and septicemia. Damage from severe picking can require skin grafts or cause epidural abscesses. One example i found was a 48 year old woman who picked a clean hole right through the bridge of her nose which required surgery to fix. It can cause disfigurement as well.

Trichotillomania or complusive hair pulling, is another bad skin habit. Trichotillomania is hair loss from repeated urges to twist, yank, or pull the hair until it break off or rips out. smiliar to skin pickers, people with trichotillomania are unable to stop even after they notice their hair thinning.
This disorder affects 4% of the population and women are four times more likely to be affected with this. hiar is usually plucked around the eyebrows, eyelashes and body hair. Some tend to pull or break the hair along the scalp leaving round patches. This can cause an uneven apperance. Symptoms inclues bare patches or all around loss of hair, bowel blockage or obstruction if the person is eating the hair after it is pulled out, constant tugging or pulling. The hair regrowth will start to feel like stubble in the bare spots.

Hand washing is something we were taught as little kids. But many people wash their hands up to 50 times a day. People with contamination obsessions can never be too clean. One washing is never enough because that worry of missing a critical spot. This person may repeatedly wash their cans until the soap is gone. But washing is rarely confined to just the hands. Some individuals may bathe and shower numerous times a day. Serious cases have been reported of individuals bathing in bleach to kill any unwanted germs. People suffering from contamination obsessions may not touch bruised fruits, doorknobs, grocery carts, or garden because of the fear of germs. Excessive washing can lead to severe skin chapping, cracking or bleeding.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

WarPaint Lip Gloss Review

Recently I was browsing certain online stores looking for anything to blow money on. lol I was cruising through's clearance and found a cosmetic line called War Paint Cosmetics. I honestly never heard of them but all of their lipglosses seemed bright, bold and colorful. For 1.99 I didn't pass it up. 

I had purchased WARPAINT's lipgloss in Boldest Pink and Grimace

Each have a tear shaped plastic applicator on it which looks like this.
Boldest Pink and Grimace have an unusual smell to them. It's not a bad smell at all. Grimace smells like vanilla which throws me off seeing that it's purple. Usually I would picture a grape scent to something purple lol. Boldest Pink has a scent that I cannot find a name for. 

As for color, they both look like they would be vibrant right? but sadly there not. They are very sheer. Boldest Pink can be worn for a tint of color. Grimace just bleeds down toward my lip line even with a concealer around my lips and a light dusting of finishing powder.
As for the consistency both are very goopy and insanely sticky. It feels almost like honey. I can't stand the feeling of stickiness. 

Overall I probably wont use these. I'm glad they were only 1.99 and I didn't waste any more on these. They are alright as a gloss over lipstick but still just eh. lol 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Divas: Beyonce.

I've been thinking about another series based off of inspirational women, whether it's women in music, movies, etc.

I have loved Beyonce since I was little. I remember walking around in California with cousins of mine singing Destiny's Child songs. We would sing and make up little dances to their music. I remember sitting down for dinner when I spent the night at my grandma's house with my cousins and their mom would make our plates and sing old Destiny's Child or Sade songs. Lol.

During my teen years I had a change in musical preference and stopped listening to Beyonce/Destiny's Child. But now that I'm in my 20's and pretty much love ANY type of music, I rekindled my love for her music. She is so inspirational and such a strong, beautiful woman that many women can look up too. She isn't one of those women who have been in the limelight for her mistakes or drug fueled rendezvous.

Beyonce is a universal women, dabbling in perfumes, clothing lines, music, acting, and even having a honeybee  named after her. Crazy right??  One song and music video I LOVE by her is "Why Don't You Love Me?" It's a great song and the video features her as a new age, stylish home maker with a touch of the 1950's. I tried to recreate the makeup in the scene where she is on the phone, crying with a martini in hand.  The only difference is I didn't do the black eyeliner/mascara tears.  She also wears a variety of bold lipsticks. The only bright bold color I have is a purple by LimeCrime but I cannot remember the name off the top of my head. :P

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tattoo Care 101

Tattoos were once considered taboo. The only ones who were adorned with such art were army men, sailors or those who starred in freak/side shows. But today, our society has opened up to tattoos alot. Many see it as beautiful art that will never be lost or kept at home. We are all canvases and tattoos can paint our life stories to others. They can mark special occasions and life lessons, they can help us heal and bring closure to our life's. Some still see tattoos as ugly markings but not as many as the previous decades. Tattoos can be seen on a wide variety of people nowdays, soliders, politicans, pastors, models, housewives, musicians, computer whizses, the young and the old. Tattoo's can connect us to others through stories and life expierences but if a tattoo isn't properly cared for, it can be an exspensive embarassement you have for life.

A fresh tattoo is an incredible feeling, but right after leaving the shop you must start taking the proper steps to help it heal properly. The tattoo artist is not responsible for any infection or problems with your tattoo if you don't take proper care of it. It is important to follow these little guidelines in order to keep a beautiful tattoo from turning into a disaster.

The Bandage Is There For A Reason!

Your tattoo artist took the time and care to cover up your fresh tattoo for a good reason- keeping any airborn bacteria from invading your fresh wound. As pretty as a tattoo may look it is still considered a wound. Open flesh is a breeding ground for bacteria. Leaving the bandage on for atleast 2 hours can prevent any bacteria from making a home in your new tattoo. Getting tattoos comes with the excitement of showing it off but your friends can wait just a little bit.

The only exception to the rule is if your artist covered your tattoo with saran wrap or any kind of plastic. It is extremely detrimental to a tattoo and should be removed immediately. This will only suffocate your tattoo and are better off without it.

Washing and Treating

After the bandage is removed you need to wash your tatoo. Using lukewarm water and mild antibacterial soap gently wash the area. Avoid using a washcloth or sponge, it can be too abrasive. Your hand is the best tool to use. Once you have finished washing it, pat the area dry with a clean towel or paper towel. Follow the washing with a light application of A&D vitamin enriched ointment. DO NOT use neosporin. While it's great for cuts and scrapes it can cause  little red bumps and when those bumps fade away so does the ink and you will end up with a polka-dotted design.  Also avoid using Peroxide. This is great for killing infections but this will pull the ink right out of your tattoo and leave it incredibly haggard looking.

It Puts The Lotion On It's Skin

There are specialty made products for tattoos such as Tattoo Goo or H2Ocean. While it's not necessary to purchase these, many over the counter items work just as great but it is all up to you. Use whichever product for 3-5 days. After that, continue to keep it clean.  After a few days you will notice some peeling and a little scabbing. This is very normal, yet if you see an excessive amount of scabbing this could indicate a poorly-done tattoo. Apply a warm, moist compress to your tattoo for 5 minutes for 2-3 days can soften the scabs until they eventually fall off. But remember NEVER pick the scabs. This goes the same for itching. DO NO scratch/pick a tattoo.Tattoos itch like a healing sunburn. When it itches slap it! or apply non-fragranced lotion to the skin.

Protection From Rays

After your tattoo has healed and from now on you should apply a sunscreen to your tattoo. The sun's ultraviolet rays can fade and damage an awesome tattoo fast. Sunscreen can keeps your tattoos vibrant for many years.

Monday, March 19, 2012

FOTD: A Little Sunshine On A Rainy Day

Today I awoke to the marvelous sound of thunder. God, I love spring time in Oklahoma! Though this is normally the time we see dangerous weather and tornadoes, it's still a beauty to see. It's supposed to be stormy the entire week which is prohibiting me from working in my newly tilled garden. And I've got strawberries and lavender ready for transfer!! Poo is what I say to that. lol But I decided to use bright colors and went for a sunny day look to soothe my gardening blues. :P

-NYX Shadow Primer in White
-Sugarpill's Butter CupCake
-Sugarpill's Dollipop
-Sugarpill's Afterparty
-Sugarpill's Poison Plum
-Sugarpill's Tako
-Milani Infinite black liner
-Maybelline's Falsies mascara

Sunday, March 18, 2012

FOTD: ST Patty's Day Makeup

Before I celebrated St. Patty's day with family, I came up with this dramatic look to fit the occasion.


*Nyx Shadow Primer in White
*Sugarpill's Midori
*Sugarpill's Tako
*Coastal Scents 88 Pallette
*Maybelline's Colossal Mascara
*Milani Infinite black liner

Friday, March 16, 2012

DIY: Scar Reducing Mask & Toner

Todays DIY is not just a face mask but a toner to maximize skin benefits. It's cheap, easy and of course it's made from 100% natural items. You might find this toner helpful if you are prone to break outs, acne scars or dry skin.

Here's what you'll need:

 1 ts Apple Cider Vinegar
This will be the magic ingredient in this toner. It can be found in your local grocery store. DO NOT use ordinary vinegar. It does not have the same effective nutrients because it is distilled plus it is just too strong for our precious skin. Cider Vinegar is packed full of alpha hydroxys and amino acids which gently dissolve any dead skin and fatty deposits on the skin's surface.  Apple Cider Vinegar also contains Malic acid which will gently exfoliate the skin and break up scar tissue. It is a powerful skin detox cleanser. it works wonders unclogging pores and reducing scaly skin. It also controls the oil levels on your skin. Vitamins A,E,C,B2, B6 and P repair skin cells for softer supple skin.

5 ts Sugar
The sugar will work as a natural exfoliant, helping to break up scar tissue. It can aid in unclogging pores and reduces the appearance of large pores.  The natural glycerin helps moisturize the skin.

1 ts Honey
Honey has been known for it's wonderful natural acne treatment. It helps skin retain moisture and is a great anti-inflammatory. It tames swelling and stimulates skin cell renewal. It is a natural skin firmer with it's anti-aging benefits.

2 ts Cooled Down Green Tea
Green tea strongly detoxifys the skin with antioxidant benefits. It removes free radical from the skin.  It has anti-aging properties and  repairs skin cells.

First mix your wet ingredients together in a large bowl. It should be 1 part vinegar to 2 parts green tea. But you can change it up for a better result to your skin. Then add 5 teaspoons of sugar into the liquid. When making an exfoliate you want it to feel like wet sand. It still need moisture not just wet sugar clumps. Then add in your honey. You can store this in a plastic container in the fridge. This will be good for 2 weeks. When applying this make sure you avoid your hair. Sticky honey + Hair = A big annoying friggin mess. Also you want to cleanse your face first. Apply the mask in soft circular motions with your finger tips. Make sure you are lightly scrubbing your face. Scrubbing too hard can damage your skin. After leaving it on for 10 minutes go ahead and wash it off. Remember not to wipe your face dry, always pat it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Classic Sultry.

My FOTD was pretty much based off of the sultry elegant look of women in the 30's and 40's. But mainly Vivien Leigh. She looked so elegant and classic yet beautiful and sultry. Old school glamour was what I was channeling pretty much. lol.


Products Used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Gold
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Victorian Disco eye shadow in Keith's Truck
Victorian Disco eye shadow in Droids
Beauty From The Earth eye shadow in Whimsy
Glamour Doll Eyes eye shadow in Bearded Lady
Glamour Doll Eyes eye shadow in Electric Chair
Red Cherry Lashes #66
Maybelline's Falsies Mascara
Milani Infinite Black Liner
Hard Candy Blush in Honeymoon

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tye Dye

I'm pretty frequent on I'll cruise the website for inspiration when I'm feeling a block. But I noticed on my Facebook that Sugarpill Cosmetics are doing a competiton/giveaway on makeupbee. It's all about bright bold looks. I recently did a awesome tye dye-esque look along side a special effects look. But I wasn't planning on entering that look. It may be too risky for some.
Here is the original look. 


I found these lovely shorts while looking up tyedye patterns. Who wouldn't rock these??(note my sarcasm)

* NYX white eye shadow primer
* Glamour Doll Eyes eye shadow in Oddity
* Glamour Doll Eyes eye shadow in Phyrra
* Glamour Doll Eyes eye shadow in Tattooed
* Glamour Doll Eyes eye shadow in Island Chic
* Maybelline Colossal Mascara
* Milani Infinite black liner
* Rimmer kohl pencil liner
* Garnier Under eye roller.

Makeup Basics: Eye Shadow Primer

Eyeshadow bases are very important if you like extravagant, bright and clean looking eye shadows. They are meant to keep eyeshadow in place throughout the day and ensure a smooth application of the eyeshadow. Eyeshadow primers can help eye shadows pop and appear more vibrant.  They are also great if you have oily lids. Most people with oily lids may noticed eyeshadows slipping or creasing.

Primers come in a variety of tubes, jars and pencils, some come with a brush or a wand, and some don't. A concealer brush can be used to apply primer or you can simply use your finger. Some have a wet consistency but quickly dry once it is applied to the skin.

Some of my favorite eye shadow primers are affordable and work wonders. My current favorite is Nyx Primer.

Monday, March 5, 2012


I previously reviewed Victorian Disco cosmetics when it was brand spankin new and very select people were sent trials. I was one of those lucky girls lol. I recently ordered more eye shadows from VD, 6 shadows from 3 different collections.
My eye shadows arrived in the cutest bag.

Brains 4 Beauty is based off of the game Left 4 Dead, which I think is a fantastic and creative idea. Who doesn't love zombies these days?? The Left 4 Dead collection has 16 eye shadows in total. I only choose 3 for now, but I do plan on getting the entire collection very soon.

Boomer Bile is an emerald green shadow with a blackened undertone with green light reflecting sparkles. Who would've thought zombie vomit could look this gorgeous?!

Dark Carnival is a deep purple eyeshadow with red and gold flecks. This eye shadow is based off of the third campaign in the game where survivors must make their way through the carnival and destroy these  dead carnys.

Deadlight District is darkened lavender color with blue sparkles. This color has a pink-ish undertone and almost appears as a duochrome. This shadow is also based on a location in the game.

I did receive 2 sample colors from this collection as well.

Safe House is a slightly reddish taupe color with multicolored sparkles. If you have ever played a video game in your life you know what a health pack does :P

Keith's Truck is a beige color with a dark brown base accompanied with red and gold sparkles.

I ordered one eye shadow from the House Points collection which is based off of Harry Potter. Now I'm not a fan of Harry Potter but I can't help when a eye shadow calls my name!

Godric is a rusty red color with a golden sheen and a reddish shimmer. Now from my understanding this color is based off of Godric Gryffindor who is one of the four founders of Hogwarts.

The last two were from the In A Galaxy Down The Street Collection. If you couldn't already tell this is based off of the infamous movies Star Wars.

Droids is a color I received in the trial packages. I found this color rather sheer but I love it none-the-less. This is a golden shadow with a golden sheen and gold flecks. I use this color more as a highlighter than a shadow. It works wonderfully for a dewy skin look!

The Force, Use It is a brilliant baby blue shadow with a pinkish undertone almost purple-ish. It's a refreshing color.

Here are the swatches from each color.

Here is a look I did using The Force, Use It, Deadlight District and Boomer Bile.