Thursday, February 16, 2012

Decade Of Glam: Natural 1970's

The role of women in society during the 70's was highly altered due to the growing feminism across the world. With the significant rise and presence of women heads of state and government across the world in the 1970's, many became the first women to uphold such positions. The Feminist Movement that started in the 60's carried over to the 70's and took a prominient role within our society. With doors of opportunity wide open, women gained a high success in businuess, politics, education, science, law, and even within their own home. 

 With the huge opposition to the War in Vietnam that began in the early 1960's grow tremendously during the early 1970's. One of the best known anti-war demonstrations was the Kent State shootings. In 1970 a large group of university students protested the war and the draft, riots ensued throughout that weekend and grew so large the National Guard was called in to maintain and restore the peace. However anger rose again and like the crowd it grew larger, causing the National Guard to open fire.
4 students were injured and 9 were fatalities. This event caused so much shock throughtout the country it quickly became a staple of anti- Vietnam demonstrations. 

Fashion in the 1970's were like any other decade, it was highly influenced by popular musicians and Hollywood films and starlets. During this decade women chose who they wanted to be and what they wore. If they wanted to wear a mini skirt one day and a maxi dress the next day they would. Short flared skirts were in.  

Makeup in the 1970s was a as far away from the pasty, painted matte finished faces of the 50's and the 70's was all about striking eye makeup or a more natural shimmer effect. With a natural look women daily makeup routine included  mascara, clear lip gloss or a frosted lip shade, toned down blushes and a earthy toned eyeshadow with some sparkle and that was it. 

Hair in this decade were actually pretty cool and were much more time sparing than the 50's. Not as many women were sleeping in curlers. It was the time of letting your hair down and being carefree. Since there were no straightners in the 70's women had to go to extra lengths to create their "natural" look. Women were using actual clothing irons to straighten their hair. Girls would take turns ironing eachothers hair inch by inch making sure they don't scorch their friend. 

I was very inspired by the ads I seen while researching. Most were women applying subtle blue eye shadow. So that's what I did. I kept everything very natural.

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