Friday, February 10, 2012

Decade Of Glam: Dramatic 1960's

Like I mentioned previously, the sixties brought many diverse trends. The most diverse was the mod movement. Mod originated in London, England in the late 1950's and reached it's peak in the mid 60's. The mod subculture included a different type of fashion, African American soul music, Jamaican ska, and motor scooters. Mass media often coined the term to describe anything that was considered popular or fashionable then.
Many could argue but the concept of mod can be very difficult to pin down. Some say the mod scene was developed when British teens began to reject "dull, timid and just plain old-fashion" British culture that surrounded them. They aimed at being "cool, neat, hip and smart." They embraced all things sexy and streamlined. Others claimed the scene started when participants longed the desire to understand the "mysterious complexity of the metropolis" and those wanting to get close to the black culture of the rude boy. Mod's felt the black culture "ruled night hours" and favoured their street wise knowledge.
Fashion obssessed teens in a post- war time finally began using a disposable income to buy their stylish clothes. Maverick kids began wearing short mini skirts, berets, turtlenecks, pillar dresses, and tailored suits. These kids had such narcisstic fashion tendencies. Some would claim to go without food to buy clothes. The females in the mod scene dressed androgynously in men's trousers, mens shirtsm flat shoes. These girls pushed parental boundaries with such short mini skirts. With extremely skinny models like Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy, girls began to follow the skinny bandwagon.
Makeup was often kept to a minimum unless attending parties or clubs. Plain foundation, brown shadows, fake eyelashes and white or pale lipstick became favored. Twiggy became a commercialised model for the mod scene and exemplified high fashion mod looks.
Hair was kept short and straight. Bobs made their way back into fashion. The bob hairstyle was versatile and simple which blended well with the modern look. Very straight or slightly waves locks needed to be sleek to fit the trend.


I was very inspired by the pictures of Twiggy above for my dramatic look this week. She was the poster child of the mod scene in the 60's. Whenever anyone now thinks of mod Twiggy pops up. So for my look I tried to recreate hers.

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