Saturday, November 24, 2012

Understanding Hair color And Developers.

Have you ever been to a stylist to get your hair colored and had no friggin idea what she was talking about? Have you ever wanted a particular color and your hair came no where near that when you dyed it? Have you ever stood in a beauty store desperately staring at developers hoping the right one with just come off the shelf and land in your arms? Well I know I have, MANY times.
I honestly don't know how many times I've been disappointed that my hair color didn't turn out like the color on the swatch or box. I've stood in Sally's for what seemed like hours staring at developers hoping the right one would slap me in the face and say "You need me dumbass." That's why I'm writing this, to help just one girl like I was to understand hair color and developers.

Firstly, hair color starts off by identifying the level of your hair. By level I mean darkness/lightness. If your at a beauty supply, like Sally's for instance I remove the swatch from the shelf. (if you do it carefully it will pop back on.) If your going to a professional supply use a swatch book. Then hold it up against you hair and try to match it. If it matches that is the level of your hair.  Standard hair color levels are defined on a scale of 1-10. 1 is the darkest, blackest color and level 10 is the lightest, blondest color.  A basic scale would look like this.

Level 1- Black
Level 2- Darkest Brown                                
Level 3- Very dark brown
Level 4- Dark Brown
Level 5- Brown
Level 6- Light Brown
Level 7- Dark Blonde
Level 8- Medium Blonde
Level 9- Blonde
Level10- Light Blonde

After you have established you current color level and desired level, you must decide which tone you would prefer. Tones are put into 3 standard categories; cool, neutral or warm. Tones are usually indicated with letters.  This is an example of tones

Cool Tones                               Warm Tones
A- Ash                                       C- Copper
B- Blue                                      G- Gold
G- Green                                   W- Warm
V- Violet                                    R- Red
                                                R/B- Red Brown
                                                R/O- Red/Orange

Tones are usually mixed in formulas to create that perfect shade. For example the color I recently used on my hair is a 5RR from Matrix. So what would that be??? Its a Level 5 which is a darker shade, and RR is red with a red undertone.  So if I went with a 8VR what would that be??? a Level 8 which is pretty light, and the color would be violet with a red undertone. Are you still with me? :P

Now picking the right developer is quite easy once you understand color levels. Developers mainly come in 4 volumes; 10, 20, 30, and 40. a 10 volume mainly deposits color into the hair. It doesn't lift color at all. if you are wanting to go darker than your previous color or just darker in general use 10 volume. 20 volume mainly deposits color as well. Volume 20 is also best for gray, resistant hair and is the most commonly used. 20 Volume lifts color by 2 shades, an example would be going from a level 5 color to a level 7. You would use 20.  30 & 40 have the most lift but can but rather harsh to the hair. 30 volume lifts 3 shades and 40 lifts 4 shades. so if I was going from a level 3 to a level 7 I would use a 40 volume. Now if it cannot be achieved with a 40 volume then you must use lightener aka bleach.
you cannot go from a level 3 to a level 8 without a double process.

10V- No lift/Deposit only- Dark colors
20V- Best for gray hair/ Mainly Deposits/ Lifts 2 shades
30V- Lifts 3 shades
40V- Lifts 4 shades
Lightener- To lift higher than 4 shades.

I hope this helped at least one person understand color and feel comfortable and confident choosing color. Sitting in my theory class learning this I felt like a total dumb ass for not being able to understand or putting 2&2 together for the longest time. My light bulb finally clicked on after 10 years of coloring my hair. lol

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Don't Go Into The Woods

The woods terrified me as a kid. Dark, untouched land shrouded from the world. The woods always seemed to have a life of their own. Full of things we don't see everyday and somethings that could frighten us. The woods always seemed creepy to me they still do. Either I've seen to many scary movies or read too many children's tales I always pictured walking too far into the woods and coming across a gigantic werewolf with an undying hunger for young meat. Or a decryptic, haggard old witch waiting for an innocent child to wander in. Either way this look was based upon my fear of the woods. 

I've been dying to take creepy pictures so they are just a tad edited with an overlay texture but that's about it. Here I built up my nose with latex turning it into an old, long turned down nose. I have been wanting to make a creepy mouth for a while and what's creepier than a huge mouth full of needles??  

-Liquid Latex
-White Face Paint 
-Black Face Paint
-Flexible Metal Wire
-Wire Cutters

Monday, October 8, 2012

Chemical Burn.

HALLOWEEN IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh don't pretend your not excited! It's my favorite holiday of all time. I love the spookiness and the enjoyment my sisters and daughter get out of dressing up and getting a couple pounds of candy.  Halloween is always a stressful all day kind of holiday. I spend the whole day planning out where were going, which costume goes to what kid, how many hours I have to do each makeup because my family and friends all think I have enough time to do huge elaborate pieces on them. Ah. lol Anywho. I restocked my sfx drawer with latex and misc. items in preparation for halloween. But you can't expect this girl to just wait until Halloween to crack open that latex and gelatine.... OOOOHHH no I must play with it.

The first thing I did was meant for movement or film since it bubbles and spews. Yummy right??


Liquid Latex
DermaBlend Translucent powder
Ben Nye Black FAce Paint
Fit Me Foundation 110
Snazaroo Brown Paint
Sugarpill's Poison Plum
Sugarpill's Love+
Bh Palette

It's A 10 Hair Masque Review

Ah fall, how I missed you so. Even though your a sign that cooler weather is approaching and my hair and skin should prepare to fight the winter chill. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love the cooler weather, changing of the leaves and seeing animals out and about gathering their food for winter. But the colder it gets the worst my skin and hair look and feel.  I've been noticing certain areas on my face are becoming drier and my hair is slowly feeling the same. This year fall made a quick exit and went straight to winter. It was colder here 2 days ago than it was in friggin Alaska!

I recently received It's A 10 Hair mask at Armstrong McCall as a gift for registering there. The owner is an absolute sweetheart. I heard so many great things about this product that I was excited to receive it in my gift bag.

It's A 10 mask has a lot of fragrance so if strong fragrance bothers you, I wouldn't recommend purchasing this.  I personally think it smell good but a little overpowering. The mixture is very light weight making it easier to remove when rinsing. So that's always a plus. I left this on for about 15 minutes and I didn't really notice a different. The only difference was that my hair smelled great and it was a little shinier.

I didn't enjoy it as much as some of my fellow cosmo girlies but I don't hate it. If you have dry-ish hair in need of A LITTLE  moisture I would recommend this. But don't expect this to work wonders. It's an alright product over all. 

Kenra Nourishing Masque Review

Being in cosmetology has it's ups, one great example is getting professional cards to Professional beauty stores. Getting to purchase high end colors, and shampoos/conditioners that aren't water down, repurposed and sold to walmart for cheap is rather refreshing.

One of the purchases I've made recently was the Kenra Nourshing Hair Masque. Like I've said previously I'm not much of a hair person. I don't do alot of shopping for hair products, washes or accessories. But I really needing a good hair masque. I think clean shiny natural hair is the most beautiful hair style. Anywho I purchased this masque for $22. This masque is a deep conditioner that is meant to repair and reconstruct dry, damaged hair. It has UV filter and antioxidants to prevent damage from the sun, and environmental stress plus prevent color fading.

I absolutely love this! I leave it on for 15 minutes once a week and it leaves my hair incredibly silky, softer than ever and intensely shiny. I have pretty coarse hair with minimum damage and it just transforms my hair. After I use this I just can't stop running my hands through my hair. Usually my hair is pretty tangled and slightly frizzy after I let it air dry, but when I use this deep conditioner my hair goes from lion's mane to sleek and tamed. I highly recommend giving this bad boy a try. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Peeled Off.

Long time no see mr. bloggity blog! I know I have been pretty much abandoning this but I promise it's not staying that way for long! I've got new ideas, updates, reviews things of that sort. So Recently, well yesterday to be exact I go hella bored after I got home so I decided to facepaint. It's something I don't spend too much time on mastering. Which I definitely need too.

-Wolfe White Face paint
-Wolfe black face paint
-Dermablend finishing powder
-Sugarpill's Tako
-BH Cosmetics palette

Friday, August 3, 2012

Holy Crap My Hair Is Purple.

School is just around the corner, and I have been preparing for it all summer. I have spent my summer going back and forth to both my new school and my daughter's school filling out papers, bringing in papers, taking tests the whole enchilada. I swear the receptionists in the front office of my school are already sick of seeing my face. :P I start cosmetology in 6 days! I'm slowly being overwhelmed with mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement for something new.  Speaking of new adventures, D my daughter, is starting Pre-K! Gosh 4 years has gone by so quick. It seems as though she was just barely learning to walk and now she is going to school!! We had gone to her school so she can see what it the Pre-K classrooms look like and meet teachers. Once we left I had asked her if she was going to be okay with being there all day without me or her father and she simply said "Yea mom, just drop me off and go. I'll be totally fine." How is it that she is more ready to go to school than I am for her??!!

I had recently gotten my hair cut and have been dying for a new look. With my hair all freshly chopped I figured my 4 year red streak had to go for awhile. Now I love my hair red, but something bright, eye-catching was calling me. So I grabbed the 2 prettiest purples I could find.  I figured purple hair would also allow me to rock purple eyebrows without it looking funky. :P

-NYX white primer
-Glamour Doll Eyes's Phyrra
-Glamour Doll Eyes's Tokyo
-Glamour Doll Eye's Tattooed
-Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara
-L'Oreal Voluminous Liner
-Sugarpill's Dollipop
-Sugarpill's Poison Plum.

Friday, July 27, 2012

How To Fix Faux Tan Disasters.

A tan can grace our complexions with a tropical, sun kissed glow, but maintaining a perfect tan cant always be practical or safe. Tanning can not only darken the skin but damage it as well. The sun's ultraviolet radiation can contribute to premature aging or even skin cancer.  Sunless or faux tanning is a popular alternative for those who would like to achieve a bronzy look without exposing their skin to the sun for long periods of time. Self tanners are great for those who live in cool or mainly overcast climates.

Self tanners can works wonders for some. They can help us reach that ultimate cocoa color that some of us have been patiently waiting for without the damage. There is all different kinds of self tanners made with a wide variety of vitamins and soothing minerals etc. Some have amazing results that can leave us staring at our skin for days and some well some are just disasterous.
Faux tanners can cause tons of embarassment for some. Spray and lotion tans can leave streaks, or the just leave us with the skin of an oompa loompa.

So if you ever expierenced a fake tan dilemma here are a couple ways to fix it :]

Scrub Away Streaks.

Streaks are caused by missing spots or not using enough when you apply. If you end up looking streaky, use a sugar body scrub which can even out the color.

                                                                        Get Buffed

Using a facial buffing pad doused in lemon juice can buff out a splotchy tan while exfoliating the unevenness of the skin's surface.

A Blend of Baking Soda

Baking soda mixed with lemon juice into a paste can lighten your fake tan and lift any streaks.

Toothpaste Isn't Just Good For Your Teeth and Acetone Isn't Just Great For Removing Polish.

A mix of whitening toothpaste and acetone applied with your fingers can remove splotches. It will work the same way as your teeth. It will lift any dirt or darkness while the acetone will remove the color.

Baby Oil Bath.

If you end up looking TOO tan, drench your skin in baby oil for 10 minutes. It will cause the top layer of the color to loosen and lift.


I've been stuck in a vintage rut lately. The makeup it just easy and quick, It's been my way to go this summer.


-Benefit's Lemon aide primer
-Glamour Doll Eyes's Pistol Pistol
-Glamour Doll Eyes's Sword Swallower
-Coastal Scents 88 palette
-Maybelline's Big & Soft Mascara
-Red Cherry Lashes #66

Thursday, July 19, 2012


I was cruising through the blogs and tumblrs that I enjoy and found some inspiration from a photo.

This the look I came up with.

Products Used:

-Lime Crime eyeshadow helper
-Glamour Doll Eyes's Fiji Mermaid
-Glamour Doll Eyes's Urban Trash
-Glamour Doll Eyes's Tattooed
Glamour Doll Eye's Cotton Candy
-Glamour Doll Eyes's Phyrra
-Glamour Doll Eyes's Oddity
-Nyx JEP Milk
-Nyx JEP Gold
-Cover Girl's Lash Blast Mascara

Monday, July 9, 2012

And Remember Dont F**k It Up....

I, like any other makeup junkie draw a tremendous amount of inspiration and love for makeup from drag queens. I have to say I love drag queens! They inspire me deeply and the fact they come out fiercer than hell! I've loved drag queens since I was little. I remember spending the nights with my grandma and we would watch Hollywood Squares before bed. If any of you remember it was a game show based off of tic-tac-toe. Celebrities were asked questions and the contestants had to either agree or disagree with the celebrities answers. Rupaul was on this show regularly and was the first drag queen I had ever seen. I found her so incredibly fascinating, the fact that he looked a billion times better as a woman than most women did. lol. I watch Rupaul's Drag Race as often as I can and I must say after every episode I want to bust my makeup case open and go to town. 

I've been planning on a drag queen appreciation post for a while now, but I haven't wanted to do full on drag makeup lately so I did a recreation from the tv show. It should subdue until I do my full on drag transformation. lol. This recreation is that of the ever fierce Phi Phi O'Hara. It is also a recreation of queenofblendingmua. (LOOOOVVVVEEEE her!)  Though this has my own twist to it. 

Products Used:

-Nyx White Eyeshadow Primer
-Milani Black Liner
-Halloween Lashes
-Maybelline's Falsies Mascara
-Sugarpill's Love+
-Sugarpill's Bulletproof
-Sugarpill's Tako
-Rimmel Kohl Liner

Summer Golds And Glowy Skin

Summer has approached, it's time to go on adventures, get together with friends, try new things and even change our makeup routines. Summer can be scorching in some places, so alot of us tend to wear less or no makeup at all.  We trade in all the sping colors for something more summer approved. One color that never gets old is gold. Gold compliments every eye color. It makes blue eyes pop even more than others because they are on the opposite ends of the color wheel. Gold eye shadow can be popped on for a nice beachy look when paired with a sheer foundation or a tinted moisturizer but you can skip the face makeup all together if you would like.

My top favorite gold eye shadows at the moment are all so gorgeous and work wonders for a beachy glow. Beauty From the Earth's Whispy is my #1 It is a beautiful gold with a rusty undertone. I have been wearing this eye shadow alot. Even on it's own. I think this color is perfect for girls with olive skin or tan.

Glamour Doll Eyes's Trophy wife is a killer. This is looks like powdered gold. Seriously. It works wonders for a night time smokey eye. It is really metallic so I think a wearing this to a party/get together/ bonfire would light up any night.

Hard Candy's Kal-eye-descope baked eye shadow duo in 057 Peace is heavenly. It's a very light peachy gold that's not too overpowering and not too sheer. It's perfect when paired with a glowy-dewy skin. I think it is great on it's own for day time activites then pop on the bronzy brown on the outer corners for an instant night time look.

Dewy/glowy skin is definitely in for summer time. This face
routine can make skin go from dull and boring to full of life and radiant. I mean who doesn't want to look like a golden goddess mixed with a beachy mermaid?? lol. My reference may be a little off but you catch my drift. Bronzer can help contour your face as well as help you achieve a tan look without all the harmful rays. Apply bronzer to the cheeks, forehead and jawline can make for a wonderful summer look. An Illuminator in a golden shade can pair with your bronzer magnificently. Unlike Bronzer which is for creating a shadow to either define or take away, an illuminator is applied where the light would naturally shine on your face. Applying this along the nose, middle of the forehead, upper cheeks and under the arch of your eyebrows can help achieve that glowly goddess look.

My favorite bronzer at the moment is Rimmel's Sun Shimmer Maxi Bronzer in 001 Sun Kiss. This bronzer is not overpowering for my face. It's not too dark, it's perfect for a sun kissed look.

The Illuminator I use is actually an eyeshadow. It's Victorian Disco's Droids. This is a beautiful light golden eyeshadow. But the downside is that it is FAR too sheer to wear as an eyeshadow. But as far as an illuminator is works PERFECTLY!  After applying glowy face routine it looks like this.

Friday, June 29, 2012


I have been keeping my makeup to the bare minimum lately. This summer has been EXTREMELY humid and hot reaching temperatures of 114 and 60% humidity. Walking outside is like a kick to the lungs lately. So my makeup routine has changed dramatically over the past 2 months. I've stuck to a light spf 15 moisturizer, face powder, bronzer, and waterproof mascara. I feel almost naked at times. lol.

Tonight I decided to change it up, I've been missing colors so much I think I'm one step away from fiending lol :P I'm having a girls night out with some friends going to get drinks then see Magic Mike. Yum! I know! lol Here is the look I will be sporting. It's a great summer look, its not heavy so you wont sweat it off and I think this looks brings out the bronze goddess lol.

Old Hollywood Dreamy Eyes

The Hollywood industry has changed drastically. The time and landscape may be new and overrun, but the thing that really stands out is that today's starlets still try to emulate the classic beauties like Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich and so on.

Old Hollywood was the essence of real women. Women wanted to be noticed for their flawless beauty, hair and outfits. Looking back to the 60's,70's, 80's and even 90's it was all about a sexual revolution for women. Women wanted to dress how they want whether it was an androgynous look or not. Women wanted to be looked at for their brains and power not their beauty.  But Marilyn Monroe or Sophia Loren were huge stars who proved they had just as much talent as they did beauty.  Classic looks focused on a ladylike glamour.

I am very inspired by the fierce women of these decades. I think in general that era was much more fascinating than ours. Women acted like ladies and men were gentlemen. Chivlary was alive and kicking and everyone had respect for themselves.  Marlene Dietrich was my inspiration for my look today. She had a very sculpted and contoured face. She was known for her dreamy, sleepy eyes and her very precise contours. Granted I was blessed with chubby cheeks (note my sarcasm) so I don't quite have that great cheek bone structure. But anyways.