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History Of Glam: Dramatic 1910-1920

When World War I started, young men were being used as cannon fodder for the older generation's ideals and mistakes. The attrition rate left fewwith the hope that they would survive long enough to make it back home. Far away from the society that raised then and faced with the reality of death many searched for extreme life experiences before entering the battlefield.

When the war was over, survivors went home and the world tried to return to the normalcy it once knew. Unfortunately, settling down in the peacetime proved a lot more difficult than it was expected. Durting the war, boys fought against both enemy and death in far away lands. Thus leaving girls to buy into the patriotic fervor and soon agressively entered the workforce. During this time of war, both boys and girls of this generation had busted out of the normal society's structure leaving it very hard to return to it once the war was over.


Women were just as anxious as the men to avoid returning to society's rules and roles. While still living in the age of The Gibson Girl, who did not date nor have promiscuous relations with a man. However nearly a whole generation of young men had died in the war, leaving nearly a whole generation of young women without any possibly suitors. These  young women decided that they were not willing to waste their young lives waiting idly for cronehood; they were going to enjoy life in the best possible way.

The term "flapper" first appeared in Great Britan after WWI. It was used to describe young girls in a still somewhat awkward stage who had not yet entered womanhood. The flapper's imimage was considered tremedously drastic if not shocking compared to the Gibson Girl. Nearly every article of clothing was trimmed downed and lightened in order to make movement easier as this was the Jazz Age. It was said that girl "parked" their corsets when they would go dancing. The new and energetic dance moves of the Jazz era required women to have the abilty to move freely and wildly. This movement had young women replacing their pantaloons and corsets for underwear called "step-ins."
The outer garments of flappers even still are extremely indentifiable. This look was often referred to as "garconne" or "little boy" This was often believed to be instigated by Coco Chanel.

The flapper's makeup was something only previously worn by loose women. Rouge, powder, heavy eyeliner and lipstick became extremely popular in this movement.  Flapper's were heavily made up, but not to imitate nature and beauty but for a completely artifical look. They had poisonously red lips and heavily ringed eyes

The attitude of flappers were characterized by blunt truthfulness, fast living and intense sexual behavior. Flappers somewhat clinged to youth as if it were to just leave at any moment. Many were very riskful and reckless. They wanted nothing more than to depart from The Gibson Girl's morals and views. So they smoked. Something only done previously by men. But smoking wasn't the worst these girls could do. They also drank at which the United States had outlawed alcohol leaving the country in prohibiton.

For this look I covered my eyebrows to begin with just so I could have a more defined flapper-esque brow. Theor eyebrows were plucked pencil thin with a slight arch. They also used dark blacks, grays, and browns to create their smokey/raccoon eyes. I didn't use as much blush as they would've used just because my cheeks are already natural rosy so i used a cherry colored blush and lightly spread it along my cheeks. Their lips were also very matte but they intensely defined their cupid's bow it was an almost ridiculous shape. I had planned on curling to top layer of my hair giving it the effect of a short flapper hairstyle but I began thinking when I curl it my hair will be extremely short almost to my eyes curled. I would end up looking like a whore-ish cabbage patch doll hahah, and that's not good. But here is not inspired look. I also edited one to look old-timey. Lol

Thursday, December 15, 2011

History Of Glam: Natural 1910-1920

Max Factor, who originally from Poland, introduced make up to the masses in the United States. At  The World's Fair in 1910 he adorned the first model with body paint. This quickly helped him to become the head make up artist for movie studios and was the first to use actresses to model his cosmetics.

This was one of the most historical years in our country. Women were finally given the rights to vote, and for the first time, women had disposable incomes for beauty products. 1910-1920 also experienced a terrible war. During this time make up was being scarcely imported from Germany. American make up companies started sprouting in hopes of giving American women a better scorce of makeup directly from home. Beauty beforethe war was something completely different than after the war. Pre-war beauty was known as "The Gibson Girl." The Gibson girl was created by illustrator Charles Dana Gibson and she was considered the first national standard of feminine beauty. The fictional image of the Gibson girl was extremely populars. There was high merchandising of the fictional character and the artist believed her as a representation of " thousands of American girls." And girl were sure thriving to look like her.

The Gibson Girl was tall and slender with volumpious curves. She had an highly exaggerated S-curve torso only achieved by wearing a swan-bill corset. Her image epitomized the late 19th-early 20th century facinastion with statuesque youthful features with ephemeral beauty. Her hair was often piled high upon her head with a contemporary bouffant, pompadour or chignon. She was tall, narrow-waisted and an all around ideal feminine figure who was portrayed as being multi-facted and always at ease and very fashionable.

 The Gibson Girl was considered to be very polite and respectful. She never dated,but she had to be considered as at once remote but yet very accessibly to the right man. She always waited for an honorable and gentlemanly man to make himself known and court her. Sex was something never done outside of wedlock. Promiscuity was a trait that the Gibson Girl  definitely did not have.

The Gibson Girl's look and feel was thrived after by many girls. But after in July of 1914 everything changed. World War I changed everybody's mind about the gibson girl.
For this era I decided to do two different looks, one for the Gibson Girl era and one for post-WWI because make up did change quite a bit after the war. I'll take more about the beauty change after WWI in my dramatic post. But after the war dreamy eyes were still big but dreamy, yet mysterious looking eyes were starting to get very big. For The Gibson Girl look I did a very basic look. I covered my lids with just a neutral skin toned eye shadow and lined it with a black gel liner. I lined my bottom water line with a white pencil and mascara. That's it. I don't quite fit the look for The Gibson Girl. lol. For the Post World War I look I did a brown smokey eye since the eye shadows offered then were only neutral colors and blacks and kohl colors. I rimmed my eyes rather heavily since this look started taking off then, and bright lips with a slightly heavy contour to my cheeks.
                                      The Gibson Girl                                        Post WWI

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Natural Remedies: 10 Items To Help Dry Skin

Dry skin can be uncomfortable and even upsetting. Your skin may feel tight and painful, it might look dull, red or flaky. The worst thing about having dry skin is the itchiness. Dry skin is extremely common though.  What exactly causes dry skin? Well it can be caused by a couple things: The environment, something your doing to your skin, extreme weather conditions, or a health condition. Dry skin is often felt more than it is seen but on some it can be noticeable and very embarassing. Dry skin requires quite a bit of care and attention as it is prone to a variety of problems. It needs regular conditioning, and applying a number of protective lotions and treatments on a regular basis. Unfortunately most skin care products that are a great in nourishing the skin can dry out your wallet. Most people fail to realize that nature offers us some of the best remedies for everything exspecially dry skin. These natural remedies are not only cheap but also more effective and easy available. Here is a number of natural items that help treat dry skin.

1. Water
Drinking lots of water helps keep your body hydrated and can relieve dry skin to a great extent. 8-10 glasses is the minimum quality to consume. drinking water in large amounts can keep skin hydrated and gives a radiant, healthy, and younger looking complexion. Water allows sking to maintain its elasticity and suppleness.

2. Milk
There is nothing more calming than taking a nice, long, warm bath at the end of a busy day to relax. However those suffering from dry skin can enhance this experience by adding milk to your bath water.  Milk baths have been documented far back in Roman and Egyptian history.  Milk bathing is one of the most simplest means to promote healthy skin and is an excellent choice for those with sensitive, irritated, and intensely dry skin. Rejuvenation is key to skin health and improvement. Milk does wonders for moisturizing dry skin.   All you have to do is soak in it for atleast 10 minutes.

3. Honey
I know I have talked about honey what seems like a bajillion times, but I can't stress the wonders of this enough! Honey is a natural humectant, it attracts and preserves moisture. It turns dry, irritated, flaky skin into hyrated and glowy. Honey is also great for dry, damaged hair. Honey contains wound healing capacities that can be used effectively to treat dry skin.

4. Olive Oil
Anciet Greeks knew of the benefits of olive oil as a cleanser and moisturizer, often using the oil in lieu of soap in their baths.  It is a light and mildly antibacterial oil very much like the oil produced in our sebaceous glands.  Olive oil is rich in polyphenols, which are antioxidants that check the spread of free radicals in our bodies.  Free radicals are caused by damaging substances caused by sun exposure, pollution, smoking and alcohol.  Olive oil can help clean and moisturize hair, skin and nails. Like milk, you can also add some into your  bath or you can use in hair or face masks, or even just blot it on directly.

5. Yogurt
Just about everyone by now knows the benefits to eating yogurt, but not many know the benefits it has for skin.Lactic acid in yogurt soothes, softens and tightens the skin, refining the pores. Yogurt's high nutrient content and natural antibacterial and antifungal properties help get rid of germs.  Yogurt can be used by itself as a face mask or you can look at my previous Beauty Tricks Of The Day for some face masks.

6. Avocados.
Avocados are Mother Nature's skin and hair moisturizer. They are packed with healthy fats and phytonutrients that offer remarkable benefits for skin and hair when both eaten and used topically. Avocado oil is close to our skin's natural oils.  Eating a half avocado every other day can help relieve the itchy misery of psoriasis and winter itch. The oils found in avocados work internally towards the surface of the skin to help the skin to literally repair itself from the damage.  Again this can be mashed and applyed directed to the hair or skin.

7. Bananas.
In many countries the banana fruit and peel are considered to be the "Golden Fruit" of nature. It helps promotes natural beauty and keeps the body healthy. Banana peels contains potassium and a number of antioxidants minerals that help the skin restore itself naturally. These key compounds have a positive effect on skin conditions, they leave the skin soft supple and healthy. Banana fruit can be mashed and applied on the face but try avoiding your hair as this could turn into one big sticky mess. Rubbing the inside of the banana peel on irritated skin twice a day can also relieve itchy dry skin. Try using overripe bananas as they hold excess oil.

8. Eggs
For centuries, eggs have been used by women to cure dry skin. Eggs contain lots of vitamin B complex, vitamin A and vitamin E as well as numerous minerals all aiding the relief of dry skin. Eggs can be worn directly on the skin but again avoid your hair unless you like the smell of raw eggs.  Egg yolk contain albumin which helps strengthen skin, use egg yolk if your skin is peeling. Egg whites also strengthens skin but it also tightens and locks in moisture.

9. Pomegranates.
Pomegranates have SO many benefits to skin including dry, irritated and devitalized skin. It is loaded with many skin friendly antioxidants and nutrients.  It is a good source of antioxidants, vitamin A, E and C. It is rich in minerals like calcium, potassium, iron and folic acid. It is very beneficial for encouraging the regeneration and strengthening of the skin and hair. The fresh juice of a pomegranate can be solely applied to skin and/or hair.

10. Green Tea
Government studies have indicated that green tea has the abilty to improve the appearance of your skin. Antioxidants in green tea possess the abilty to renew dying skin cells that lay on top of the skin.  Applying green tea to your skin every day will dramatically change you skin's appearance.

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Emily Exposed

Emily has always been a little crazy. But this time she went too far. She has held an inner demon deep inside of her, one she would never show. This voice or entity always told her she was never good enough, never pretty enough, and no one would ever love her. And she believed it wholeheartedly. The more and more she gave in the more she destroyed herself. It started with the scratching, digging her nails into any skin exposed. She tried hiding her little obsession as long as she could. But whenever she was alone, it would consume her. Soon she started to pull and rip at her hair tearing chunks out at a time. Her narcissistic mother bought her a lovely wig but Emily refused to wear it. Her mother would ask her " How do you expect anyone to love you when your purposely trying to be ugly? No daughter of mine would act this way. Can't you just smile?" Emily knew she would never live up to her mother's expectations, but at least she is living up to the expectations of the monster dwelling within. Emily eventually pulled out all of her eyebrows and eyelashes. She blew the little hairs like confetti across her floor. That's when Emily heard it calling. She replayed her mother's words in her head. "Just Smile" over and over like a broken record. Never stopping.
When her mother walked into her bedroom to wake her up the next morning, she screamed in absolute horror. Emily took her mother's words to heart, she cut her lips, ripping and peeling the skin from her jaws exposing a big bright smile. 

A Couple of Holiday Looks.

This month has been hectic! Christmas shopping, holiday pictures, Christmas parties OH MY! Red lipstick and holiday hues have been my everyday makeup, which is surprising cause I find Christmas kind of annoying. But If you need some inspiration or reference on holiday makeup I have 3 looks for you!

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History of Glam: Dramatic 1900-1910

In the early 1900's, The United States was hit with a terrible disease killing one out of seven people. This disease was known as Tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a disease caused by a bacteria called "Mycobacterium tuberculosis". This bacteria attacked the lungs, kidneys, spine and brain. If not treated properly TB was fatal. It was the leading cause of death between 1900-1910. Tuberculosis was an airborne disease, easily contagious and spread from person to person. Symptoms of TB were coughing, unexplained weight loss, fatigue, fever, night sweats, chills, loss of appetite, chest pain, pain while breathing, back pain, coughing up blood or blood in urine.This bacteria was put into the air by a person with active tuberculosis, so whenever this person coughed, sneezed spoke or sung people were almost instantly infected.  Another way to catch TB was of course exposure, but immigration, travel, well crowded towns or living spaces.
People infected with active tuberculosis were isolated from society and usually placed in sanatoriums. These self-confined communities became known as "waiting rooms for death". An estimated 110,000 Americans died each year from tuberculosis in the 1900's.

During this devastating time, women took beauty to a disturbing  and morbid level. As these women saw friends and family coming down with the sickness and being placed in sanatoriums, they decided this sick and deathly look was something to be sought after. How crazy is that? Actually wanting to look like your dying. Women would use heavy amounts of face powder enriched with lead to pale out their skin. They used this so often that these women were dying of lead poisoning. Some women would drink a mixture of vinegar and arsenic to create a more natural sickly look which inevitably killed them from arsenic poisoning. Big doe and dreamy eyes were something to have during this time that when TB hit, it gave the infected big glossy, dilated almost stoned eyes. The ladies of early 1900's were coming up with a eye drop made with an tremendously and damaging amount of liquid belladonna (Belladonna used in high amounts is very poisonous) These eye drops caused many, many women to go blind. They would use ash to contour their cheeks giving them a sunken-in look. Beet juice and soot to accentuate dark circles and creating an almost bruising effect.

I decided to mimic their weird inspiration of beauty and look like I have tuberculosis. I used a small amount of white face cream just to pale out my complexion. I set this with a very light face powder. Next i took a light ashy eyeshadow from my  palette and contoured my cheeks, jaw, and brow area. Next i took a light pink eyeshadow and put it underneath my eye along with a purple eyeshadow to give that bruise effect. Then I took a sickly yellow I found and patted it along my lid. I took the same ashy gray color and rocked it into my socket crease giving off a sunken/hollow-ish look. For the lips, I just put concealor on top of it. I have not edited these pictures whatsoever. I figured the grosser and sicker the better.

Products Used:
-24 hour Day moisturizing cream
-Wolfe white face paint
-Coastal Scents 88 pallete
-Avon quad in Tropical Spice
-CoverGirl Professional Color Match in Tropical Paradise.
-DermaBlend setting powder.

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The History Of Glam : 1900-1910

Makeup was very taboo during this time, the only ones who really wore any makeup were prostitutes. So unless you were a movie star, it was considered trashy to wear alot of makeup. In the early 1910's Maxx Factor came out with a pancake face powder, it was a very thick skin powder used to intensely mattify the face. ( I still hear people referring to women who wear alot of makeup as "Pancake Faces.") Blotting powders were also a new item in beauty during the early 1900's. Very pale skin was in during this time. Women were often seen as fragile and delicate, so any women that had a sun tan was considered lower class because most common jobs involved being outdoors. Women even took pale skin to sickly and deadly levels that I'll dicuss in my dramatic look for this era.

Makeup wasn't what it is today back then, there really wasn't much of a demand for it. There wasn't enough makeup being mass produced so most women would come up with little home remedies to create their own makeup tricks. Some women would pinch their cheeks repeatedly in 10 second intervals to create a natural rosy cheek. Some used a dab of beet juice to create this look as well. The eyes were not really touched because there wasn't much makeup, but eyelashes were a big focal point. Maybelline was actually created and used in the 1910's. Big doey, dreamy eyes were a desired look as well. For lips there wasn't any mass produced lipstick until 1909 when a very sheer pearly, irridescent gloss came out, But most women only dabbed this onto their lips.

Makeup Facts for 1900-1910
1904: Max Factor migrates from Lodz, Poland, to the United States, and four years later to Los Angeles, where he sells make-up to movie stars that does not cake or crack.

1905: Sarah McWilliams begins to sell a hair growth treatment door-to-door. After she married Charles.J. Walker, she became known as Madam C.J. Walker and incorporated her company in Indianapolis in 1911.

1909: Florence and cosmetologist Elizabeth Hubbard open a salon on Fifth Avenue in New York, which Graham will rename Elizabeth Arden.

1909:French chemist Eugene Schueller develops the first safe commerical hair dye, In 1910, he names his company L'Oreal.

Here is the look I came up with for this era. It is very simple, it focuses mainly on big dreamy eyes and big lashes. As well as rosy cheeks. I have naturally rosy cheeks which I always try and cover but today was relieving that I didn't have too. lol.

I was very inspired by all the old pictures I found of women from the early 1900's that I wanted to edit a picture to look similar to those of old cameras.

-Neutragena Oil Free Moisturizer
-Sheer Cover mineral face powder in Nude
-Sheer Cover mineral Bronzer
-CoverGirl Dream Matte Mousse blush in 40 Soft Plum
-Rimmel White eye liner
-Victorian Disco eye shadow in Droids
-Revlon 12 Hour Color Stay in 02 Coffee Bean
-L'Oreal Colour Riche lip gloss in 400 Soft Coral
Neutragena Soothing lipstick in 50 Ruby Bliss
-Maybelline XXL PRO black mascara
-Maybelline Great Lash Blackest Black mascara


New Series: The History Of Glam

I have been planning on doing a series but just haven't came up with an idea until now. This series will be " The History Of Glam". I will talk about each decade from 1900-today, giving a brief makeup history lesson along with a wearable look on Mondays and a more edgy, dramatic look on Wensdays.

I will soon have 1900-1910 up very soon!

Beauty Trick Of The Day: Coffee Rich Brunette Hair

            Hey Brunettes, Are you tired of dull, drab hair color? Are you wanting  richer "Look at me" hair with life and shine? And smelling good. Just indulge in some coffee!
             Try brewing a VERY strong pot of coffee and let it cool.
 Once your coffee is lukewarm, pour it into a spray bottle and  heavily spritz it into your hair after you have shampooed it.  Wait 10-20 minutes then just rinse and condition!
              A strong brew of coffee will leave your hair very rich in color and shinier than a disco ball! Did I mention it will leave your hair smelling delicious??


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The Walking Dead Inspired.

Any that knows me knows that I have an obsession with zombies! I think I have seen every zombie movie almost haha. I'm a complete zombie/horror movie nerd. It's also my dream to do Special Effects makeup for film.
         The Walking Dead is a show on AMC that I religiously watch. It is all about a small handful of people from all over Atlanta, GA trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world over run by the zombie virus. They try to find a safe haven free of the infected while also trying to keep each other safe from "The Walkers".

 So here is a look I have been planning to do for about a week but just haven't had the time to do it. I made the dentals which took about 3 days to file the teeth down, build up the gums and paint. The entire look took about 2 hours to do but was worth it.

 Here is a closer look at the teeth prosthetic
-Gray face paint
-White face paint
-Black face paint
-Toilet/Tissue paper
-Spirit Gum
-Mehron Liquid Latex
-Fake Acrylic nails
-Red face paint
-Dermablend Setting powder


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Review: Victorian Disco Cosmetics W/ Swatches.

So I am a member of a big makeup website which feautres looks from different members showcasing talents from hair, makeup and nails. It also has great articles on each. I was wondering through their message board when I stumbled on a thread asking girls if they would mind sampling her new upcoming makeup line. I jumped on board right away! I love indie, undiscovered treasures like this. So I sent in my application.

Victorian Disco Cosmetics is founded and made by an awesome girl named Ashley. She hand makes each and every color. Her eye shadows are all vegan and animal-cruelty free, she even puts all of the ingredients right on the labels.

Victorian Disco Website 
Ashley sent me a code for all of you to use which will get you 10% off during the holidays

So my makeup arrived in such a cute funky little bag.

 I added the logo sticker to my other makeup sticker collection lol (yes you can call me nerdy :P )

Inside I found a sweet letter from Ashley on the cutest paper ever! You can just tell she has a drive for makeup!
 Now to the colors here they are!

On the very top is Yoda's Yoga Mat, Then left to right in the middle is Droids, Predator, Revolutionary Ball.
Bottom row is Ewok Pajama Party, Tattooine, and Do the Jabba Jabba.

Yoda's Yoga Mat is a very pretty green shadow. It is a subtle lime green with a warm golden undertone. Its very shimmery.
I think this color would make brown eyes pop. I really like this one.

Droids is a VERY light shimmery gold. I honestly think this color works better as a highlighter. Droid would be wonderful to use to help achieve dewy looking skin. That's honestly how I think i will use this color. But I love it non-the-less.

Predator is a gorgeous brown glitter with flecks of gold. This picture does not do it justice, and for that I apologize. I read other girls blog reviews and they said it was too gritty. This glitter does have a slight grainy feel but not as bad as some girls said. You will have to use an adhesive but you do with most glitters anyway. I think its gorgeous.

Revolutionary Ball is a smokey navy blue with an emerald undertone. When I first swatched this I was surprised, I haven't seen a color like this and i cant wait wear it.

Ewok Pajama Party is a really rich gray with mutli-colored shimmer. It would be great for smokey eyes. Its a little on the sheer side though

 Tatooine  is a yellow with a copper undertone. Its not as sheer as the others and remotely pretty

 I've been needing a good yellow and I think I now have it. Do the Jabba Jabba is a really bright metallic yellow. It's pretty.

Victorian Disco Cosmetics is a very inexpensive makeup company with good pigment pay off. The sample jars are around 1.75 and full jars are 4.50 Shipping I believe is 2.00 which is a friggin bargain.

I genuinely like this makeup, I do plan on ordering from her again.