Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Seeing Red

With Valentine's Day approaching fast, were all planning candlelit dinners, movie dates, and what to get that special someone. Or some could just be planning a fun girls night out. Whatever your case is red lipstick is the most perfect accessory. From lipstick to gloss there is a scarlet color out there that suits every beauty. Finding a red lipstick though can be quite difficult or intimidating for some. So I'm writing this little article to soothe your red lipstick nerves and give you alittle advice.

Knowing if your cool or warm toned can help tremendously. Looking at the veins in your wrist can determine which one you are. If the veins appear greenish in color your warm toned, if blue your cool toned. Now that you know let's jump on in. If you are warm toned the key is to look for red lipstick with a slight orange or brown tint. For those of you who are cool toned try finding a scarlet lipstick with a blue-ish tint.

Over the past month I have found marvelous lipsticks for both cool and warm toned skin that I absolutely love. These lipsticks are very effective and do what they say. That says something since all three are a drugstore brand! I have always been on the hunt for a good long lasting red lipstick. And I have finally struck gold!

The first of the 3 is Maybelline StayStrong in 745 Wine. This is an GORGEOUS scarlet almost crimson red lipstick. The applicator for the lipstick is in a angled tear drop shape which is great for precise lining. You have to allow atleast 2 minutes for it to dry before putting the moisturizing balm on. It is a must to apply the balm afterwards and every couple of hours, if you don't the lipstick tends to feel quite sticky. But it's such a minisucal flaw for this fabulous lipstick. It lasts through eating, drinking and is completely kiss-proof and smudge-proof. The only way to get this off is using an oil based makeup remover and friction. So you honestly do not have to worry about this product, unless your eating an insane amount of grease and oil. lol.

The second and third products are from the same company. They are both L'oreal's Lip Infalliable. These lipsticks are ALOT like Maybelline's StayStrong. Both have a lipstick and moisturizing balm along with the same steps. These are amazing none the less. I got a bright red  which is #300 Cerise. It's a beautiful color without causing too much attention and a reddish brown color in #840 Russet. Both are beautiful colors and I enjoy them both. They do get very sticky after the drying period, but applying the balm smoothes it. I do recommend these.

Above: #745 Cerise. Below: #840 Russet.

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