Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Natural Remedies: Razor Burn

There is nothing more frustrating and possibly embarassing than just finishing a close shave and noticing razor burn. They are ways to fight this uncomfortable condition.

Razor burn is a common problem shared by both male and female.. Razor burn is usually considered an irritation of the skin, nicks, and cuts that may occur during shaving. While razor bumps are caused by ingrown hairs. It can appear like a mild rash when disappears for a few hours or days. Many times razor burn is accompanied by razor bumps. In this case, the area around the shaved skin will get a raised welt or infected pustule.

Symptoms & Remedies

Ice Pack

An ice pack can reduce inflammation and irritation and can help prevents any bumps or boils.


Cucumbers are such a wonderful moisturizer. It also helps heal skin from potential dryness or minor cuts. Mashing up a cucumber or 2 can help soothe and nourish the skin. It also provides relief from irritation and reduces redness.


Calendula leaves can also sooth the skin. It helps fight off any potential infection or boils.

Black Tea.

Black tea is a common natural remedy for razor burn. Apply it to the affected area with a cotton ball and let it sit for 15 minutes. Tea contains Tannins which help constrict blood vessels and help reduce any possible burning sensation. Tannins are also an anti-inflammatory so it reduces any redness and allows the skin to heal quickly.

Coconut Oil & Mint Leaf Juice

Coconut oil contains many fatty acids as well as vitamins that can help quicken the healing process. Mint Leaf Juice helps reduces puffyness or redness and allows your skin to return to the original color.


Most aspirin contains Aectophetmine which is a anti-inflammatory. Crush 2 aspirins and mix with a little warm water creating a paste, then apply topically to the affected area. This can take care of any irritated skin.


Strawberries contain a salicylic acid that rids skin of dead cells, removes impurities, and reduces swelling and redness. By mashin up a couple of strawberries  and placing it on your skin for 10 minutes can leave skin looking and feeling great.

There are many other suggestions for razor burn that can help smooth skin. Here are a couple ones that just might be worth trying!

Eating foods rich in Vitamin C can help in restoring damaged or irritated skin quickly. Using warm water or steam can soften the skin and hair before shaving. Doing this can prevent any nicks or cuts.  If you use plain old soap just this could be why. Certain soaps and body washes can actually dry out the skin, so it can lead to making an already irritated area even more pissed. Shaving gels and foams are created to put a thin layer between skin and razor to protect it from cuts and razor burns. For men, start by shaving the easier parts first like the jaw line, cheeks and neck. But take your time! Shaving too fast can easily annoy your skin. Storing your razor away from your shower or bath tub can keep it sharper for a longer time but also keep it from rusting.


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  2. Cucumber is really a great remedies for burns! Try it several times!