Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just A Little Scrape.

I don't know where I came up with this really, but I love it! It took about an hour to do. I guess I got the ideal from talking to my little sister about bike accidents. I was telling her about the time I went camping with a friend's family when I was about 12 and took a sharp turn on a razor scooter and fell downhill on a gravel road and little rocks and pebbles were stuck in my palms and knees. Getting them out hurt worse then actually falling. But I guess I got the ideal of really bad road rash maybe? I dunno where this gross stuff comes from sometimes lol. :P Walking with this on my knee though was very difficult lol.

But here is my finished look.

-Neutragena 24 hour Moisturizer
-Home made fake blood
-Toilet Paper
-Mehron modeling wax
-Sonja Kashuk Fondation
-Ben Nye black face paint
-Ben Nye red face paint
-Setting powder
-CoverGirl Professional ColorMatch Quad in Tropical Paradise
-Maybelline ExpertWear in Impeccable Greys

Berries And Cream

There is a website called that I am a part of, it features hundreds of makeup/nails looks created by fabulous artists. There is one particular makeup artist on there who is pretty popular she also has a blog on here under RoseShock. She does alot of very bright and eye catching looks that inspired me today.

So here's the look.

-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-Milani Infinite Liner
-Rimmel Coal Black Pencil
-Glamour Doll Eye Blueberry Lush
-Sugarpill Tako
-HIP pigment Euphoric
- Maybelline Lash Stilleto


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beauty Trick Of The Day: Oatmeal Scrub.

I've never been a big fan of oatmeal, I've always found the texture of hot oatmeal rather gross. But as I have grown I've learned to really love oatmeal. It's not just for breakfast any more. I use each and every one of these remedies and I exspecially love this scrub during the winter. Oklahoma's winter can be very cold and harsh to the skin. I'm always surviving winter with an unbearable case of winter itch along with my nose and cheeks peeling. My cheeks get insanely red and hurt after shoving snow. Oatmeal scrubs help relieve everything winter throws our way. I even use it for my daughter's eczema.

All you will need is Oatmeal and lukewarm water. Oatmeal has been known as an excellent skin cleanser. It absorbs and removes any dirt and impurites. It relieves redness, soothes itchy skin, replinishes dry skin, relieves minor skin irritations. Oatmeal is a very gentle exfoilator and is absolutely wonderful for sensitive skin, It is rich in antioxidants.  Grab a handful of oats and hold it in your fist, run luke warm water and let it run through your thumb and pointer finger. Let the water run inbetween your fingers. When you open your hand push into the oats, once you see a milky sort of water, take the water and rub it on your face. This milky like water soothes the skin then just scrub!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Little Accomplishments Still Make Huge Steps.

This is a random post but I must express my excitement! I follow a great makeup artist on YouTube called BeautyByBrig, She does beauty makeup as well as special effects. I believe her tastes in makeup are exactly like mine. We both have a tremendous desire to go to school for special effects but we both love beauty looks as well. Well last month I believe, she posted a video talking about a showcasing she was going to do and i emailed her pretty much everything I've done from spfx to beauty. Now everyone who knows me knows that I don't have a huge ego or think "oh my work will be the best it will be a breeze getting into that, I'm not worried." That's just not me, I love constructive critizicism but absolutely hate rejection even in the mildest form. Each week I checked her page waiting to see if I made it in her showcasing.

Well.... today she posted it and I watched intensely hoping to catch a glimpse of my work. And as I sat there watching the minutes creep away I came to the conclusion it just wasnt in there. All the work everyone else did was GREAT and the last minutes rolls up and BAM!! there's my face. I almost peed myself in excitement. lol. It's such a little accomplishment I know, but I feel like all this hard work I've been doing is just starting to get reconigized.
So here it is... Check it out if you would like.  Check out her other videos as well she is legit.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Natural Remedy: Menstrual Cramps.

             Menstrual problems, most of us have them and we can spend days suffering through the pain, irritability, rapid mood swings that make us seem a little crazy at times and that darn fatigued feeling, leaving us groggy and feeling tremedously lazy. While some of us hardly notice a problem. Well I wish I was that lucky. We can spend years trying different medicines hoping to find a quick and long lasting relief from the troubles mother nature brings. This also costs quite a bit having to reup each month or so. So this got me thinking, "What if there is some kind of natural remedy that has the effects of mentrual related medicines or even aspirins but not the long term damaging effects of them?"
           Menstrual cramps can be the worst part of recieving this wonderful gift we get each month. But before we can treat them we need to understand what these are and why they happen. Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for Menstrual cramps. These cramps are defined by dull, throbbing pains in the lower abdomen or shooting, intense pains that last several minutes. Every woman's experience with cramps are different. Dysmenorrhea can range from mild, moderate to severe pain.
Some women only experience mild cramps with only slight discomfort while other women find their cramps to be incapacitating, stomach tearing pain which temporarily disrupt their daily lives. When cramps are this severe, it is very common for women or young girls to miss school or work.

                    There are usually two type of Dysmenorrhea- primary dysmenorrhea or secondary dysmenorrhea. Primary dysmenorrhea begins six months to a year following the very beginning of the menstraution cycle and there isn't really and underlying gynecological problem factoring to the pain. Cramps and the severity of the pain tend to lessen as you age or eventually disapper in primary dysmenorrhea.
Secondary dysmenorrhea involves and underlying stomach problem or conditions usually as Endometriosis or uterine fibroids that can cause cramps to be slighty or horribly intensified. This condition will develops years after beginning your cycle.

                  Now what exactly causes these menstrual cramps you ask? well during the menstrual cycle, the uterus contracts when blood leaves the uterus and sheds its lining. Within the uteruan lining is a substances called prostaglandins which trigger cramping. Some of us just have a higher level of these special little friends and can experience intense pain.
Treating cramps is easier than having them. Take a look at your diet mainly,

try cutting out greasy foods, which tend to leave oils left in our stomach which can be harder for some of us to digest. They are also high in salt which causes bloating. Greasy foods usually leaving us feeling even worse.

              Chocolate, a girl's best friend during this time of the month. Chocolate cravings can be one of the most prevalient desires a girl can have. Chocolate can be considered a necessary comfort food for us during this time of need. But to contrary belief what might seem like a perfect antidote can lead to feelings of discomfort, aggrativing symptoms which can leave cramps feeling worse. Instead of chocolate try something rich in Calcium. Chocolate cravings are considered an antidote to cramp pains because of its calcium content. Doctors say choosing something calcium packed has cause less to slim problems. Good sources of calcium are :Celery, broccoli, cabbage, green beans, peas, beans, oatmeal, english muffins, bran cereal, pancakes, fish, cheese, lowfat milk, yogurt even ice cream. So next time your craving a hershey bar just grab one of these!

                 Chamomile is widely used to treat menstrual cramps or discomfort. Chamomile is an excellent relaxation remedy. Chamomile tea is used as both a relaxant for the nerves as well as the muscles. This herb is also a antispasmodic agent which means that any part of your body that is haveing spasms or contracting will be relieved. But if you are allergic to ragweed you might also be allergic to chamomile

                   Ginger is another great natural remedy helping to cure cramps. Ginger has been classified as an herb which has been widely used as traditional medicine throughout the world. Ginger is known to have more than 12 types of antioxidants making it incredibly useful for treating every thing from menstrual cramps to stomach disorders. It is also an anit- inflammatory and also an anti-cancer.

                         Peppermint is prized for being an antispasmodic and antigas properties along with its other benefits. Its is a mild stimulant, you might often see it in tea labeled as "refreshing" or "restorative" This multitasking herb also has a mild numbing effect.
So the next time your little friend pops up think to yourself, "Should I pop some aspirin and wait 30 minutes or can I eat or drink something natural and have almost immediate effects?"

Beauty Trick Of The Day: Peaches and Cream Face Mask

Peaches are delicious! they smell great, taste yummy and are very good for us. But did you know they are also very good for your skin?? Here's a fun, and easy face mask that will leave your skin feeling like new!


Very Ripe Peach- Peaches are very high in AHA acids helping our skin fight pollution. Peaches also regenerates the skin leaving it fully hydrated, increases elasticity, it tightens skin, and brightens complexion.

Whipping Cream- Whipping cream is also full of AHA acids and helps brighten your complexion, it is very nourishing, fights aging, removes dark spots, keeps skin firm, and gently exfoilates.

Take your ripe peach and cut it in half then cut one half in half so your only using a quarter of the peach. Next remove the skin and mash with a fork. Once it is all mashed mix in 2 tablespoons of whipping cream. Then put the mixture on and let it sit for 20-25 minutes.

This should leave your skin feeling so hydrated it's like someone dumped a bucket of water right into your pores. Your skin will feel baby smooth and smell awesome too!


Friday, November 18, 2011

GDE Review/Swatches

            I first heard of Glamour Doll Eyes while watching a YouTube video by MyEyeshadowisodd.( love her! check her out!) I saw how pigmented and bright these colors were and I immediately went to their page. While gazing through the store pages I knew I had to order and try it out for myself. 
           The first time I used the eyeshadows I fell in love. They were everything I've been wanting. For years I looked for highly pigmented eyeshadows and all I ever found was bright rich colors that wore off or creased by the end of school. It's not too particularly fun to come home and see jacked up makeup lol.

I highly suggest Glamour Doll Eyes Cosmetics.

So the colors I have gotten this month are: Blueberry Lush, Jailhouse Jumpsuit, Graves In May, Victorian, Show Off, Tokyo, and another jar of Lovers Lane.

Here is what these colors look like:
Graves In May, Jailhouse Jumpsuit

Lovers Lane, Show Off

Tokyo, Victorian

Blueberry Lush.

All of these colours except for Tokyo, are shimmery or metallic. They give off such a rich color with BIG payoff. 
Here are some swatches of these colors:

I absolutely LOVE these colors. I don't really have anything negative to say. But I have noticed with Lovers Lane that when you use it, it is better to use a patting motion instead of trying to blend. Blending this color out is hard. But that is not necesserialy a bad thing.

Here's a link to their page if you are interested


Beauty Trick Of The Day: Egg White Face Mask.

Yes I know putting raw eggs on your face does sound gross, but did you know an egg can leave your skin feeling and looking like porcelain, it will tighten and close any large pores. It is also very good warrior when battling wrinkles or age spots.

All you'll need is an egg!

Once you crack the egg, seperate the egg white from the yolk by simply rocking it from on half shell to the other it should look kind of like this:

. Then take a fork and beat the egg whites until bubbly and frothy. Then beat in the yolk. Once your done put it on your face and VUA- LAH! just leave it one your face until it dries and hardens.


Peacock Rock

I've so sick for the past few days and haven't felt like putting any makeup on. All I really felt like doing was curling up in a ball and dying lol. But today I'm feeling ALOT better so I decided bright bold colors would make me feel even better because the drab, tired look I've been sporting the past 3 days is getting old.  Plus I got new Glamour Doll Eyes eyeshadows and I've been wanting to play with them tremendously.  So I came up with a bright funky peacock look.

-Hard Candy Primer
-Glamour Doll Eyes FrankenGlamour
-Glamour Doll Eyes Radioactive
-Glamour Doll Eyes Tattooed
-Glamour Doll Eyes Stilletto
-Rimmel White Liner
-Maybelline Full and Soft
-L.A Colours Liquid Black Liner

Oh also I will be doing a review/swatches of the new glamour doll eyes eyeshadows I have received.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beauty Trick Of The Day: Green Tea Exfoilator

          I love tea, any and all kinds. I have tea for everything, wellness, sleepy time, tension tamer, and teas of all flavours. But did you know tea is also great for your skin? Here is a great and easy way to use green tea to detoxify, exfoilate and soften your skin and leaving your face beautiful and bright for all to see!

          This exfoliator will remove dead skin cells, revealing a soft and radiant complexion. It also stimulates blood flow and renews skin cells. It will give your pores a deep clean, break up any scar tissue and rejuvenate your skin.


GREEN TEA:  Naturally high in antioxidants and clinically proven to protect, improve and repair skin. Green tea has a firming powe and soothing effect. It helps delay aging, blemishes and cleanse skin as well as brighten the complexion.

SUGAR:  Produces natural AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) which will help exfoliate the skin as well as soften it.

HONEY: It is very nourishing and hydrating, it rejuvenates skin and repairs skin cells, It is also very high in antioxidants, Honey also tightens skin, helps fight against acne and inflammation.

Brew your tea and set it in the fridge until it becomes lukewarm. Take a small mixing bowl and pour in 5-6 tablespoons of sugar. Then pour in 2-3 tablespoons of green tea. Your mixture should feel like wet sand. Once it does squeeze a small amount of honey in it and mix. Make sure to get your face wet and take a hand full and scrub! avoid the eye area as skin is very thin and sensitive there. when your done just rinse. you should INSTANTLY feel baby smooth skin.

After exfoilating I like to dip my fingers into the green tea that is left and put it on my face. It smells great and seeps into your pores for a longlasting bright complexion!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beauty Trick Of The Day: Chocolate Face Mask


 I have been doing a beauty trick of the day for a couple weeks now on my facebook page and it has gotten some pretty good feedback. I'm really big on home made remedies. I would rather take herbs and different fruits and veggies that are known to have an all natural healing effect on the body than drugs that ultimately do more long term damage just for a quick fix.
     I think " why spend any where from $19-$100 on face masks, hair treatments or even acne treatments when there are items in your fridge and pantry that works just as well if not better". So I have decided to start doing Beauty Trick Of The Day on my blog so those who haven't seen my facebook can see them on here as well.

   This chocolate face mask is really fun and easy to make, it smells yummy and works wonders! This allows us girls to treat ourselfs with chocolate just minus the calories. :]
This face mask helps to increase hydration in your skin, tighten pores, and protect your skin against pollution and sun damage.


-Cocoa Powder: This is a great exfoliator as well as incredibly moisturizing, Cocoa powder is high in antioxidants which fight off free radicals, it also protects your skin from sun damage.

-Honey:  honey has been used for thousands of years for beautiful skin. It is very nourishing and hydrating, it rejuvenates skin and repairs skin cells, It is also very high in antioxidants, Honey also tightens skin, helps fight against acne and inflammation.

-Plain Yogurt: Yogurt has ENDLESS benefits to our body inside and out. It jam packs our skin full of hydrations, it brightens complexion, treats blemishes, fades scars, reduces redness, tightens pores and is anti aging.

Take a tablespoon of cocoa powder and pour in a mixing bowl, next take a tablespoon of honey and mix with cocoa powder, then take a tablespoon of the plain yogurt and mix. Let it chill in the fridge for 10-15 minutes then apply a generious amount on your face avoiding your eyes. Let it sit on your face for 25 minutes and rinse with warm water.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Face Peel.

I've been on a special effects high lately. I've done so many looks the past few days im surprised my skin hasn't told me to eff off yet lol. I have just had so many ideas floating around my head that I had to jump on it.
This particular look was inspired by an DIY fruit acid peel face mask tutorial. Acid peels sound pretty gnarly on it's own. But as I was watching this I kept thinking wouldn't it be crazy if something went wrong while she was making this and it caused not only the dead skin cells to come off but also her entire skin, peeling it straight from the bone. I had to jump on this but I soon hit a bump in the road... How was I going to to pull this off??

Here is my finished look.

It's not exactly what I wanted, but I am happy with it. Exspecially underneath the flap of skin, how chunky and meaty it looks impressed me lol I think it takes quite a bit to impress yourself haha. I might retry this look, try and perfect it alittle better or change it up.

    As for my eyes, I did this WAY before I even decided I was going to do a SPFX look. I really liked this eyeshadow look too. It was something out of the norm for me, it's grungy looking yet really bright. I did a bright blue and yellow lid with a yellowish-orangeish crease. I don't normally do such a bright crease but I think I might try some more.

Here is a close up on my eyeshadow.

-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-Revlon Foundation 001 Fresh Ivory
-Glamour Doll Eyes Bluberry Crush
-Glamour Doll Eyes Electric Lemonade
-Glamour Doll Eyes FrankenGlamour
-L.A Colors Black Liquid Liner
-Milani Black Liner
-Nyx Mascara
-BH Pallette
-Tissue Paper
- Ben Nye Liquid Latex
-Red, White, Black Face paint
DermaBlend Setting powder.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Slightly Scalped.

Here's a SPFX look I did the other night. I used a combination of gelatin and latex in this look. The aftermath was fantastic. It stuck like cement and moved VERY well.

Here's a closer look.

I wanted to show off how well it moved so i made a little video. Please excuse the loudness. lol.


I haven't posted on here in a while. I've been so busy trying to get my makeup out there, getting known and pretty much do EVERYTHING I can to get this started. I've been working relentlessly on my portfolio, SPFX makeup portfolio, working with models, and thinking of different ways to run this blog. But I think I've found my ideal way so to speak lol.
Here is a bunch of looks I've done this week.
                                                          Rusty Earth.
-Too Face Shadow Insurance
-Glamour Doll Eyes Lover's Lane
-Kat Von D Black Liner
-Rimmel Black Liner
-Maybelline Expert Wear Quad in Enchanting Forest.
-Rimmel's Lash Maxx 

                                                         Subtle Red Smokey Eye

                                                                 I've Got The Rots/True Blood Inspired
-Setting Powder
-Toilet paper
-Gelatin prosthetic
-Undead Wheel
-Revlon Foundation 01 Fresh Ivory
                                                           BITCH BROKE MY NAIL!
-Cheap Dollar store press on nails
-Homemade fake blood
-Red and black face paint
-Mehron Liquid Latex