Tuesday, February 14, 2012

6 Bad Beauty Habits.

If you have been reading my blog you have noticed lots of articles telling you what's good for this and what good for that, but I have never talked about the bad and potentially harmful things your doing that you might not have known. We all have bad beauty habits, I have a handful trust me lol. But it's time to change those. Who's with me??

1. Sleeping With Your Makeup On.

We can all admit to this at one point. I mean face it, sometimes our bed is calling our names and were just too darn tired to fight it. Or sometimes we just simply forget. But this is something we must stop. Makeup is supposed to help us look and feel more beautiful, but leaving it on overnight can often have the opposite effect. As you know our skin is covered in millions of pores that allow us to sweat and secrete sebum. Sebum is a waxy lubricant that helps to naturally moisturize and protect our skin. It also removes dead skin cless and other irritants from pores. Makeup can temporarily clog or pores and prevents sebum from doing it's job. So instead of being released, sebum builds up which is a good cause of acne.  So if you want to avoid waking up to new pimples or blackheads, remove your makeup each night with a good makeup remover, cold cream, or toner. Always remove eye makeup as it can lead to irritation, allergic reactions or even an eye infection. Plus aren't you tired of seeing it on your pillow cases?

2. Picking Leads To Scarring.

We all do this whether it's popping a pimple, removing a blackhead or even done out of boredom. Face picking is a TERRIBLE habit. To us beauty addicts, our face means a lot to us not in a narcissitic way, but it's our canvas why ruin it? Facial picking is a basic complusive disorder and some of us may not be aware were doing it. Some may even develop Dermatillomania or pathologic skin picking (PSP) It is characterized by the repeated urge to pick at one's own skin often to the high extent where damage is caused. Face picking can cause numerous scars and blemishes. Since this is usually stressed induced try curbing the behavior by meditation, deep breathing or exercises.

3. Long Lashes Vs Pink Eye

We all need mascara if were going to look presentable and we need it NOW! If your not around your makeup collection you may ask a friend to borrow hers quickly. But now your eyes are feeling itchy. What could it be?? Pink eye or staph?. Pink eye is commonly shared through the use of another's makeup. Eye makeup can be a luxury hotel for germs and bacteria. You can spread a number of infections to yourself unknowningly. There are numerous beauty supply stores that sell disposable mascara wands and sponges. If your going somewhere and MIGHT need eyeliner, take it with you. Have a little cosmetic travel bag in your purse. It's better than a staph infection. Right?

4. Greasy Hair? How Much Conditioner Did You Use????

If you're like most people you shampoo your hair then follow with a conditioner. Shampoos open the hair follicle and removes oil and toxins from the hair while conditioners close and restore moisture to the hair follicle. These together leave our hair shiny and healthy. However as awesome as conditioners may be, you can cause damage to your hair by over conditioning. Often, people take heaping piles of conditioner and slather it from root to tip on their hair, but what most people dont know is that the hair follicle provides its own nutrients to the first 3 inches of the hair shaft. So the only areas your hair is in need of nurishment and protections are the hanging portions of your hair. Over conditioned hair can leave it looking flacid, greasy, oily, smelly, and difficult to style.

5. Frying Your Hair

In this day and age, we have access to plenty of hair styling tools. We can go with dead straight hair one day and millions of ringlet curlers the next. Sometimes you may even notice smoke or a burning smell. What could it be? Well it's your hair frying under the intense heat. We MUST use proper thermal protectants against such extreme heats or our luscious locks will pay for it. Heat damage is far too common for how easily it can be prevented. Without addressing the situation quickly and correctly your hair may take a dramatic turn. This can cause a list of things such as; hair texture failing to come back. Once you wash your hair your hair sould return back to it's natural texture whether is curly, wavy or goes everywhere, but if your hair is stick straight in places this is a sure sign of heat damage. The ends of hair are fried and split. It's very rough, dry and dull. This is due to extreme heat stripping your hair's natural moisture. My hair used to fall victim of the hair straightner/curler. So bad, that my curler actually stripped my hair color off and onto the curler itself. Terrifying I know. Now I use a thermal spray if and when I straighten my hair and I have found plenty of no-heat ways to curl my hair.

6. SPF 0

We all love summer time, shorts, skirts, tank tops, parties and swimming. Summer is supposed to be carefree right? Well yes but to an extent. Using sun screen is a no brainer. We were all slathered down as a kid, and our parents all reminded us to apply it when we were younger but now it's just too much of a hassle. When your 40 and looking like your 60 with possible skin cancer, you will wish you listened and applied spf.  Sunscreen prevents squamous cell carcinoma and basic cell carcinoma, (if your not a doctor, this means skin cancer lol ) Many sunscreens don't block UVA radiation which doesn't cause a sunburn but it increases the rate of melanoma. A Prolonged amount of time in the sun can lead to 2nd and 3rd degree burns which will infact scar. Sunscreen also prevents premature wrinkles and brown spots.


  1. These are all a bad habbit of mine, which I really need to quit! I never bring makeup with me, but I actually need to!


  2. Nice post, I have a horrible habit of picking everything. I am trying to break this bad habit. Thanks for sharing.

  3. @Chantal I had a bad habit of picking that started when i was 13. it was horrible. It's so bad for your skin.

    @xcath Bringing a travel makeup bag with me sounds better than pink eye lol. I'm alot more careful about letting friends use my makeup too.