Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Decade Of Glam: Natural 1980's

The term Valley Girl started out as a stereotype to describe the materlistic english speaking generation. It originally referred to an increasion number of middle to upper class girls living in the San Fernando Valley. The term soon metamorphosed into a stereotype for women who had a "ditzy" or an "airhead" personality, one who was unapologetically spoiled and showed more interest in partying, shopping, personal apperance and social status than in intellect, development or personal accomplishments.  There was even a sociolect associated with this girls that was called "Valspeak". It became overly popular during the 1980's and entered in much of the teenage slang. Common words in "Valspeak" were; like, whatever, way, as if, totally, bitchin, duh, gag me, queer. it was often spoken in a heavy accent and words were spoken in a very open or nasal vowel sounds.

The Valley Girl trend started in California and soon spread across the United States. Headbands, leg-warmers and miniskirts were fashionable in this trend. Leg-warmers that were once worn by professional dancers during rehersals became and everyday attire for teens. The popularity of sweatshirts with the collars cut off exploded in teen fashion following the movie Flashdance in 1983. Miniskirts returned after a long disapperance in the early 70's. in the mid-80's a fashion craze of designer jeans and saw leather became widely demanded. Women and young girls went crazy over lace as well. Leggings became common underneath miniskirts. 

Makeup was light with bright pops of color such as blues, yellows and pinks. Eyeliner was strongly winged in a cat eye manner. Brows were thick and arched. Blush was applied heavily to the cheeks in a straight line. 

80's Hair made us all cringe with embarassment for our mothers. Hairstyles were like a badge of honor then. With styles like teasings and the extremely asymmetical new wave social hair to funky side ponytails, their was enough hairspray in the air to kill a generation if someone lit a cigarette. 
The 80's had a number of styles from waves, bobs, pixies, and the flock of seagulls look. Teasing was in. The higher your hair the higher your popularity got it seemed. Hair was teased with a frizzy passion and bangs gave off an "I'm closer to god than you" look. With Aqua Net in the air the only place for hair to go was up. 

Browsing through pictures of Pat Benatar and Cyndi Lauper gave me an feel for 80's makeup. Girls pretty much wore heavy enough blush and eye makeup so that strangers could see it easily from across the street and down the block. lol. I stumbled upon the photo of Cyndi Lauper above and tried recreating it. It seemed blue shadow on the lid was very imfamous. 

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