Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just A Little Scrape.

I don't know where I came up with this really, but I love it! It took about an hour to do. I guess I got the ideal from talking to my little sister about bike accidents. I was telling her about the time I went camping with a friend's family when I was about 12 and took a sharp turn on a razor scooter and fell downhill on a gravel road and little rocks and pebbles were stuck in my palms and knees. Getting them out hurt worse then actually falling. But I guess I got the ideal of really bad road rash maybe? I dunno where this gross stuff comes from sometimes lol. :P Walking with this on my knee though was very difficult lol.

But here is my finished look.

-Neutragena 24 hour Moisturizer
-Home made fake blood
-Toilet Paper
-Mehron modeling wax
-Sonja Kashuk Fondation
-Ben Nye black face paint
-Ben Nye red face paint
-Setting powder
-CoverGirl Professional ColorMatch Quad in Tropical Paradise
-Maybelline ExpertWear in Impeccable Greys

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