Sunday, November 13, 2011

Face Peel.

I've been on a special effects high lately. I've done so many looks the past few days im surprised my skin hasn't told me to eff off yet lol. I have just had so many ideas floating around my head that I had to jump on it.
This particular look was inspired by an DIY fruit acid peel face mask tutorial. Acid peels sound pretty gnarly on it's own. But as I was watching this I kept thinking wouldn't it be crazy if something went wrong while she was making this and it caused not only the dead skin cells to come off but also her entire skin, peeling it straight from the bone. I had to jump on this but I soon hit a bump in the road... How was I going to to pull this off??

Here is my finished look.

It's not exactly what I wanted, but I am happy with it. Exspecially underneath the flap of skin, how chunky and meaty it looks impressed me lol I think it takes quite a bit to impress yourself haha. I might retry this look, try and perfect it alittle better or change it up.

    As for my eyes, I did this WAY before I even decided I was going to do a SPFX look. I really liked this eyeshadow look too. It was something out of the norm for me, it's grungy looking yet really bright. I did a bright blue and yellow lid with a yellowish-orangeish crease. I don't normally do such a bright crease but I think I might try some more.

Here is a close up on my eyeshadow.

-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-Revlon Foundation 001 Fresh Ivory
-Glamour Doll Eyes Bluberry Crush
-Glamour Doll Eyes Electric Lemonade
-Glamour Doll Eyes FrankenGlamour
-L.A Colors Black Liquid Liner
-Milani Black Liner
-Nyx Mascara
-BH Pallette
-Tissue Paper
- Ben Nye Liquid Latex
-Red, White, Black Face paint
DermaBlend Setting powder.

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