Saturday, December 3, 2011

Review: Victorian Disco Cosmetics W/ Swatches.

So I am a member of a big makeup website which feautres looks from different members showcasing talents from hair, makeup and nails. It also has great articles on each. I was wondering through their message board when I stumbled on a thread asking girls if they would mind sampling her new upcoming makeup line. I jumped on board right away! I love indie, undiscovered treasures like this. So I sent in my application.

Victorian Disco Cosmetics is founded and made by an awesome girl named Ashley. She hand makes each and every color. Her eye shadows are all vegan and animal-cruelty free, she even puts all of the ingredients right on the labels.

Victorian Disco Website 
Ashley sent me a code for all of you to use which will get you 10% off during the holidays

So my makeup arrived in such a cute funky little bag.

 I added the logo sticker to my other makeup sticker collection lol (yes you can call me nerdy :P )

Inside I found a sweet letter from Ashley on the cutest paper ever! You can just tell she has a drive for makeup!
 Now to the colors here they are!

On the very top is Yoda's Yoga Mat, Then left to right in the middle is Droids, Predator, Revolutionary Ball.
Bottom row is Ewok Pajama Party, Tattooine, and Do the Jabba Jabba.

Yoda's Yoga Mat is a very pretty green shadow. It is a subtle lime green with a warm golden undertone. Its very shimmery.
I think this color would make brown eyes pop. I really like this one.

Droids is a VERY light shimmery gold. I honestly think this color works better as a highlighter. Droid would be wonderful to use to help achieve dewy looking skin. That's honestly how I think i will use this color. But I love it non-the-less.

Predator is a gorgeous brown glitter with flecks of gold. This picture does not do it justice, and for that I apologize. I read other girls blog reviews and they said it was too gritty. This glitter does have a slight grainy feel but not as bad as some girls said. You will have to use an adhesive but you do with most glitters anyway. I think its gorgeous.

Revolutionary Ball is a smokey navy blue with an emerald undertone. When I first swatched this I was surprised, I haven't seen a color like this and i cant wait wear it.

Ewok Pajama Party is a really rich gray with mutli-colored shimmer. It would be great for smokey eyes. Its a little on the sheer side though

 Tatooine  is a yellow with a copper undertone. Its not as sheer as the others and remotely pretty

 I've been needing a good yellow and I think I now have it. Do the Jabba Jabba is a really bright metallic yellow. It's pretty.

Victorian Disco Cosmetics is a very inexpensive makeup company with good pigment pay off. The sample jars are around 1.75 and full jars are 4.50 Shipping I believe is 2.00 which is a friggin bargain.

I genuinely like this makeup, I do plan on ordering from her again.

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