Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Little Accomplishments Still Make Huge Steps.

This is a random post but I must express my excitement! I follow a great makeup artist on YouTube called BeautyByBrig, She does beauty makeup as well as special effects. I believe her tastes in makeup are exactly like mine. We both have a tremendous desire to go to school for special effects but we both love beauty looks as well. Well last month I believe, she posted a video talking about a showcasing she was going to do and i emailed her pretty much everything I've done from spfx to beauty. Now everyone who knows me knows that I don't have a huge ego or think "oh my work will be the best it will be a breeze getting into that, I'm not worried." That's just not me, I love constructive critizicism but absolutely hate rejection even in the mildest form. Each week I checked her page waiting to see if I made it in her showcasing.

Well.... today she posted it and I watched intensely hoping to catch a glimpse of my work. And as I sat there watching the minutes creep away I came to the conclusion it just wasnt in there. All the work everyone else did was GREAT and the last minutes rolls up and BAM!! there's my face. I almost peed myself in excitement. lol. It's such a little accomplishment I know, but I feel like all this hard work I've been doing is just starting to get reconigized.
So here it is... Check it out if you would like.  Check out her other videos as well she is legit.

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