Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beauty Trick Of The Day: Oatmeal Scrub.

I've never been a big fan of oatmeal, I've always found the texture of hot oatmeal rather gross. But as I have grown I've learned to really love oatmeal. It's not just for breakfast any more. I use each and every one of these remedies and I exspecially love this scrub during the winter. Oklahoma's winter can be very cold and harsh to the skin. I'm always surviving winter with an unbearable case of winter itch along with my nose and cheeks peeling. My cheeks get insanely red and hurt after shoving snow. Oatmeal scrubs help relieve everything winter throws our way. I even use it for my daughter's eczema.

All you will need is Oatmeal and lukewarm water. Oatmeal has been known as an excellent skin cleanser. It absorbs and removes any dirt and impurites. It relieves redness, soothes itchy skin, replinishes dry skin, relieves minor skin irritations. Oatmeal is a very gentle exfoilator and is absolutely wonderful for sensitive skin, It is rich in antioxidants.  Grab a handful of oats and hold it in your fist, run luke warm water and let it run through your thumb and pointer finger. Let the water run inbetween your fingers. When you open your hand push into the oats, once you see a milky sort of water, take the water and rub it on your face. This milky like water soothes the skin then just scrub!


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