Friday, July 27, 2012

How To Fix Faux Tan Disasters.

A tan can grace our complexions with a tropical, sun kissed glow, but maintaining a perfect tan cant always be practical or safe. Tanning can not only darken the skin but damage it as well. The sun's ultraviolet radiation can contribute to premature aging or even skin cancer.  Sunless or faux tanning is a popular alternative for those who would like to achieve a bronzy look without exposing their skin to the sun for long periods of time. Self tanners are great for those who live in cool or mainly overcast climates.

Self tanners can works wonders for some. They can help us reach that ultimate cocoa color that some of us have been patiently waiting for without the damage. There is all different kinds of self tanners made with a wide variety of vitamins and soothing minerals etc. Some have amazing results that can leave us staring at our skin for days and some well some are just disasterous.
Faux tanners can cause tons of embarassment for some. Spray and lotion tans can leave streaks, or the just leave us with the skin of an oompa loompa.

So if you ever expierenced a fake tan dilemma here are a couple ways to fix it :]

Scrub Away Streaks.

Streaks are caused by missing spots or not using enough when you apply. If you end up looking streaky, use a sugar body scrub which can even out the color.

                                                                        Get Buffed

Using a facial buffing pad doused in lemon juice can buff out a splotchy tan while exfoliating the unevenness of the skin's surface.

A Blend of Baking Soda

Baking soda mixed with lemon juice into a paste can lighten your fake tan and lift any streaks.

Toothpaste Isn't Just Good For Your Teeth and Acetone Isn't Just Great For Removing Polish.

A mix of whitening toothpaste and acetone applied with your fingers can remove splotches. It will work the same way as your teeth. It will lift any dirt or darkness while the acetone will remove the color.

Baby Oil Bath.

If you end up looking TOO tan, drench your skin in baby oil for 10 minutes. It will cause the top layer of the color to loosen and lift.

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