Monday, October 8, 2012

Kenra Nourishing Masque Review

Being in cosmetology has it's ups, one great example is getting professional cards to Professional beauty stores. Getting to purchase high end colors, and shampoos/conditioners that aren't water down, repurposed and sold to walmart for cheap is rather refreshing.

One of the purchases I've made recently was the Kenra Nourshing Hair Masque. Like I've said previously I'm not much of a hair person. I don't do alot of shopping for hair products, washes or accessories. But I really needing a good hair masque. I think clean shiny natural hair is the most beautiful hair style. Anywho I purchased this masque for $22. This masque is a deep conditioner that is meant to repair and reconstruct dry, damaged hair. It has UV filter and antioxidants to prevent damage from the sun, and environmental stress plus prevent color fading.

I absolutely love this! I leave it on for 15 minutes once a week and it leaves my hair incredibly silky, softer than ever and intensely shiny. I have pretty coarse hair with minimum damage and it just transforms my hair. After I use this I just can't stop running my hands through my hair. Usually my hair is pretty tangled and slightly frizzy after I let it air dry, but when I use this deep conditioner my hair goes from lion's mane to sleek and tamed. I highly recommend giving this bad boy a try. 

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