Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Golds And Glowy Skin

Summer has approached, it's time to go on adventures, get together with friends, try new things and even change our makeup routines. Summer can be scorching in some places, so alot of us tend to wear less or no makeup at all.  We trade in all the sping colors for something more summer approved. One color that never gets old is gold. Gold compliments every eye color. It makes blue eyes pop even more than others because they are on the opposite ends of the color wheel. Gold eye shadow can be popped on for a nice beachy look when paired with a sheer foundation or a tinted moisturizer but you can skip the face makeup all together if you would like.

My top favorite gold eye shadows at the moment are all so gorgeous and work wonders for a beachy glow. Beauty From the Earth's Whispy is my #1 It is a beautiful gold with a rusty undertone. I have been wearing this eye shadow alot. Even on it's own. I think this color is perfect for girls with olive skin or tan.

Glamour Doll Eyes's Trophy wife is a killer. This is looks like powdered gold. Seriously. It works wonders for a night time smokey eye. It is really metallic so I think a wearing this to a party/get together/ bonfire would light up any night.

Hard Candy's Kal-eye-descope baked eye shadow duo in 057 Peace is heavenly. It's a very light peachy gold that's not too overpowering and not too sheer. It's perfect when paired with a glowy-dewy skin. I think it is great on it's own for day time activites then pop on the bronzy brown on the outer corners for an instant night time look.

Dewy/glowy skin is definitely in for summer time. This face
routine can make skin go from dull and boring to full of life and radiant. I mean who doesn't want to look like a golden goddess mixed with a beachy mermaid?? lol. My reference may be a little off but you catch my drift. Bronzer can help contour your face as well as help you achieve a tan look without all the harmful rays. Apply bronzer to the cheeks, forehead and jawline can make for a wonderful summer look. An Illuminator in a golden shade can pair with your bronzer magnificently. Unlike Bronzer which is for creating a shadow to either define or take away, an illuminator is applied where the light would naturally shine on your face. Applying this along the nose, middle of the forehead, upper cheeks and under the arch of your eyebrows can help achieve that glowly goddess look.

My favorite bronzer at the moment is Rimmel's Sun Shimmer Maxi Bronzer in 001 Sun Kiss. This bronzer is not overpowering for my face. It's not too dark, it's perfect for a sun kissed look.

The Illuminator I use is actually an eyeshadow. It's Victorian Disco's Droids. This is a beautiful light golden eyeshadow. But the downside is that it is FAR too sheer to wear as an eyeshadow. But as far as an illuminator is works PERFECTLY!  After applying glowy face routine it looks like this.


  1. Since it's been summer I haven't wore that much makeup, but I really love the gold shadows you showed.

    1. I haven't wore much either, but when I do I have been sticking with golds and bronzes. And Thank you :]