Thursday, October 18, 2012

Don't Go Into The Woods

The woods terrified me as a kid. Dark, untouched land shrouded from the world. The woods always seemed to have a life of their own. Full of things we don't see everyday and somethings that could frighten us. The woods always seemed creepy to me they still do. Either I've seen to many scary movies or read too many children's tales I always pictured walking too far into the woods and coming across a gigantic werewolf with an undying hunger for young meat. Or a decryptic, haggard old witch waiting for an innocent child to wander in. Either way this look was based upon my fear of the woods. 

I've been dying to take creepy pictures so they are just a tad edited with an overlay texture but that's about it. Here I built up my nose with latex turning it into an old, long turned down nose. I have been wanting to make a creepy mouth for a while and what's creepier than a huge mouth full of needles??  

-Liquid Latex
-White Face Paint 
-Black Face Paint
-Flexible Metal Wire
-Wire Cutters

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