Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring/Summer Beauty Tips

Spring is here! We've all been working hard changing our wardrobes and fashions for spring. So why not change up our beauty routines? Here are some wonderful tips that will work great for spring and summer!

Stop Seeing Red

Spring brings lots of things, the return of the beautiful green leaves, new flowers and an allergy attack for some. On these pollen-filled days, when you know your allergies are acting up avoid wearing green eyeshadows. Green eyeshadows can make your eyes look even more bloodshot. Instead grab a navy or midnight blue shadow since it will have an optical effect, leaving the whites of your eyes looking brighter.


Fuller eyebrows have definetly surpassed the overly plucked thin look today. But sometimes all the untweezed hairs can look a bit gnarly. For days like those, take your eyebrow brush or toothbrush and spritz it with a little hairspay to keep them where you want them.

The Mix Master.

Just thinking about wearing a full coverage foundation while it's hot outside makes me sweat. If your wanting to get out and still coverage any uneven skin tone or blemish, just mix your cover up with a light eye cream for moisture and a lighter look.

Cool it down

With the temp rising you might as well forget that makeup bag. To keep your lipsticks from melting keep them in the frige for a longer life and will make them harder. Plus it will feel nice when you apply it.


Sometimes cheeks aren't the only part that like to look rosy. For a natural, fresh looking flush without exposing yourself to the sun, try dabbin some blush to the arches of your brows.

Blowing Some Steam

Styling can be frustrating and often hard to get right. But did you know all you need is a change of scenery? Trying to blow dry your hair in your bathroom after showering can cause it to frizz from the moisture in the air. So next time try your bedroom.

Embracing Your Buns

The high bun has made its way off the runway into our everyday lives. This little bun can add to a classic look, but is also a quick and easy way to do your hair for spring and summer. Plus it will keep your hair off your neck for those scorching days.

Hit The Waves

Who doesn't love beachy waves? I'm not talking about the place to cool off but the mermaid-y waves we all love during this time. To achieve this put your hair into a braid or two then flat-iron it for a morden wavy feel.

Aw, Silky Silky Now

If you have fine, brittle or even bleached hair, you should really soften your sleeping habits. Cotton fabric can catch hair and cause friction which could cause fallout or even split ends. Silk pillowcases allow hair to glide across it.

Couch Potato.

Summer is all about enjoying the warm weather and the late sunsets. But let's be honest you know there might be a couple days where you don't get to sleep before midnight. So in case dark circles decide to make an appearance try cooling potato slices in the fridge for awhile. Once their cool place them on your eyes and relax for 10.

Milky White

Milk does the body good. It's also wonderful for your skin. Milk baths have been used for thousands of years to aid the skin in healing. Using a cotton ball and some milk can work as a cleanser as well. Lactose Enzymes can dissolve dirt, debris, and proteins will nourish your skin.

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