Monday, April 9, 2012

Finding The Right Prom Makeup For Your Dress.

Prom is right around the corner for most of you. It can be such an exciting event and even more exciting to plan for. You've got your shoes, dress and jewelry all planned out, but how do you decide on makeup for the big night? Keep reading for tips on how to choose the best makeup based on your dresses fabric, color and style!

Glittery Gowns.

If your dress is overly busy with wild prints or pattens you may want to let your makeup take the back seat. These dresses are specifically designed with multi-fabrics which will pick and catch the light. For these glittery dresses go for a subtle makeup with a satin or pearly finish instead of the obvious glitter and shine. The slight sheen of the makeup will compliment the dress without blinding someone.

Bright Dresses.

Bright, look at me dresses have remained a trend of choice in the prom dress section. While your dress is vivid and standing out try using universial shades such as taupe, gray, black, mauve, peach and pink for makeup.

Neutral Dresses
For a nude or neutral colored dress you can have a little more fun with makeup. Try a rich plum, emerald or a navy smokey eye. Since your lips will probably be the most touched during the night keep them neutral and worry free.

Themed Gowns.

Themed dresses are always a fun way to try a new look, whether it's a vintage, futuristic, classic Hollywood, grunge/punk, or high fashion it is a popular theme in prom wear. Makeup can play an important part in the overall look. So take time and research your style thoroughly. Red lips and cat eyes are classic for a vintage or old Hollywood theme. Metallic, dark colors can be great for futuristic and punk themes.

Your prom dress is the main focal point for the evening. Instead of overpowering your dress let the makeup enhance your beauty. Remember when in doubt choose universial colors and pair them with dramatic lashes its a guaranteed gorgeous look.

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