Saturday, March 24, 2012

WarPaint Lip Gloss Review

Recently I was browsing certain online stores looking for anything to blow money on. lol I was cruising through's clearance and found a cosmetic line called War Paint Cosmetics. I honestly never heard of them but all of their lipglosses seemed bright, bold and colorful. For 1.99 I didn't pass it up. 

I had purchased WARPAINT's lipgloss in Boldest Pink and Grimace

Each have a tear shaped plastic applicator on it which looks like this.
Boldest Pink and Grimace have an unusual smell to them. It's not a bad smell at all. Grimace smells like vanilla which throws me off seeing that it's purple. Usually I would picture a grape scent to something purple lol. Boldest Pink has a scent that I cannot find a name for. 

As for color, they both look like they would be vibrant right? but sadly there not. They are very sheer. Boldest Pink can be worn for a tint of color. Grimace just bleeds down toward my lip line even with a concealer around my lips and a light dusting of finishing powder.
As for the consistency both are very goopy and insanely sticky. It feels almost like honey. I can't stand the feeling of stickiness. 

Overall I probably wont use these. I'm glad they were only 1.99 and I didn't waste any more on these. They are alright as a gloss over lipstick but still just eh. lol 


  1. They look so tasty in tubes, too bad the quality was that bad :( Color looks good on your lips in pictures, though ;) Well, good to know its better pass them...

  2. I just bought their dry shampoo I'm waiting for it to come in the mail, I wish I could find reviews on that. I've been looking through their makeup reviews and now I'm afraid to see what the dry shampoo is going to turn out like ha