Saturday, March 3, 2012


If you have been reading my blog, you'll know I LOVE Glamour Doll Eyes. I recently ordered the circuse collection and just got it yesterday. I have been patiently waiting to play with it but it's getting harder by the hour to resist it's pull.

Circus Collection was thought of by GDE owner Vanessa and a YouTube makeup Guru MyEyeshadow is odd. I absolutely love Natasha! Her makeup is phenomenal, flawless and daring. She was one of the first YouTube people I religiously watched. Natasha started out as a normal girl, recording makeup tutorials in her room and got noticed by GDE. A dream I would LOVE to accomplish! She has been doing a carnival series on your channel for a very long time so a Circus Collection is very fitting!

Now to the packaging! The Circus Collection comes in a cute little box which is the first for this company I believe.
How cute is this??? Designed with a vector/ new school graffiti styled art that features Myeyeshadowisodd as a adorable ring leader leading you into a big top circus on the front and a version of her as a bearded lady and sword swallower on the back. I find this extremely awesome.

The eyeshadow jars have an adorable circus tent sticker on top.

Inside the box is an awesome treat letting you truely experience a circus feel. My daughter LOVED these!

Every order of GDE comes with a sticker. The Circus Collection comes with a sticker of an animated Natasha.

There is 8 eyeshadows in total all named and designed from different parts of circuses/side shows.

Bearded lady is a rich choclate brown with a pink shimmer to give the effect of a glamorous beard we all secretly want. ( or is that just me? :P )

Electric Chair is a cloudy white eyeshadow with silver shimmers to truely electrify any look.

Sword Swallower is a silver eyeshadow with a hint of silver and white sparkles imtimdating the dangerous stunt known in many sideshows throughtout history.

Oddity is a lime green eyeshadow with a yellow undertone. This is almost a duochrome eyeshadow.

Fiji Mermaid is a metallic blue pigment with hints of aqua and white sparkles giving it a watery vibe.

Fire Eater is a cosmetic glitter that has yellow, orange and red sparkles in it. This just screams fire!

Big Top is a bright highly pigmented yellow with a red undertone mimicking old circus tents.

                   Who says Cotton Candy has to be pink?? This bright eyeshadow is an electric blue shade with bright pink glitter.

Each eyeshadow is very bright and highly pigmented. Using a primer or base will help bring out the brightness even more.

Here is a swatch of each color over NYX eyeshadow primer.

I ran my hand underwater for about 30 second and it didn't budge or smear. CRAZY I know!

I highly recommend this collection, but unfortunately Vanessa of GDE made a mistake on the amount she had and this collection is unavailable until May. :{

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