Saturday, March 3, 2012

Decade Of Glam: Dramatic 1990's

Grunge is a genre of music very similar to alternative rock that came to be in the mid 1980's to mid 1990's. Grunge seemed to mainly come from Seattle. Inspired by punk, metal and indie rock, grunge was usually characterized by the heavily distorted guitars and apathetic/angst filled lyrics. The glam rock aesthetic was stripped down by grunge leaving it bare and a little naked. Grunge musicians were recongized by there unkept appearances and rejection of the flashy aesthetics.

Early grunge was mainly around a Seattle independent record label know as Sub Pop. It became commerically sucessful in the 90's due to the ablum releases of bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. The success of these bands made grunge very popular. However many bands were rather uncomfortable being in the lime light. Most grunge bands have broken up or faded out, but their influences still continues to affect music today.

Concerts were straight forward and to the point with high energy perfomances. These bands didn't want a complex and high maintance show. The stage was generally avoided. big name bands would often present themselves like minor local bands. As Jack Endino said "They weren't meant to be entertainers but to simply rock out."

Clothing was often bought at local thrift stores. Flannel was very popular in this subculture. The style did not evolve from a conscious mind trying to create appealing fashion. The clothing was cheap, durable and quite timeless. It was meant to go against the grain of the glam rock of the 80's.

Makeup for girl who embraced grunge kept it natural or dark and smokey.
I love grunge. I am a pretty big fan of Hole so I drew inspiration from the one and only Courtney Love. I adore her even throughout her bad habits. And of course Nirvana inspired me as well. I mean my dream husband was part of that band after all. Lol No one tell my boyfriend :P  But anyways I went with a dark black from GDE that had silver shimmers in it and a gold from BFTE. It worked very well and looks alot like a steampunk look as well.



  1. lovely eye look, it looks like molten metal.

  2. Thank you! :] It was the effect I was going for. Kinda SteamPunk-ish