Saturday, January 7, 2012

Review: Sheer Cover Cosmetics.

         I had recieved Sheer Cover as a Christmas present from my mother in law. I have to say I had never really heard of this cosmetic line, there isn't not much hype about this product unless it is on a late night infomerical. I was a little bit skeptical of this brand because of my foundation troubles in the past. If you could only see my foundation/skin care section of my vanity you would be surprised to see how many foundations and powders I have tried that left minimum to no results, some I have only used that one time. I have yet to find a good foundation or mineral powder that actually does what it is said to do. Most did not cover red or dark spots, blemishes or acne and the scars it can sometimes leave behind. So I was alittle curious how well Sheer Cover would work, but I have to say I was excited. Maybe this would be the one to finally work for me?

          So here is what I had recieved 2 different shades of mineral powders, 2 different shades of a gel like foundation, bronzer, mascara, a travel sized mineral powder brush, and a base protector.

         The base protector is very interesting to me. It is to be used after your moisturizer dries. It is said to smooth imperfections, and minimize the appears of pores and fine lines. You are supposed to apply a thin, even layer of this and let it dry. Yet when I use this it comes out of the tube like gel and instantly turns to a powder when I apply this. I dunno if it is supposed to feel like that or what. But it's instant powder so there is no need for a drying period.
       I have the light/medium gel foundation. I'm currently using the lighter one of the two. With a very thin layer it has covered the acne scars I have on my chin and any blemish I have. These 2 colors can easily be mixed to create your perfect shade for your skin. Below is a before and after.

I was starting to baby my last bronzer. Sheer Cover bronzer is very nice. very shimmery and light reflective. It has a great warm tone with a slight orange tint to help blend into the skin. For me personally, it comes across very dark to my color. When I do use it, I use it very sparingly because it is so easily blendable but because it is rather dark. I only really apply it to my cheek bones. Along my forehead and temples it appears as a almost rotten orange color. lol. But along the cheeks it is perfect.

The travel size brush is my new faves by far. It is designed very clever and it works great. The has a clear outer lid to overall protect the brushes, and it has an inner protector to slide up around the brushes to help keep them from being frayed out or falling out. It keeps them in tact and perfect shape. The bottom is a clear container to pour some of your mineral powder in or mix the two shades to create your perfect skin color. The powder falls down a tube and into your brush so you don't have to tip it into your powder with/without the sifter.
 The mascara that came with it did not impress me at all. This mascara does not volumize or length lashes. It only really darkens the lashes. Sheer Cover mascara would be a great gift for a young girl or woman begining to learn makeup. I would honestly give something like this to my 13 year old sister.

I really enjoy Sheer Cover. It works for me. My blemishes are not nearly as noticeable. I have naturally really rosy cheeks and just a very thin layer of the gel like foundation and the mineral powder almost completely covered it and let alone stayed covered until I removed it.  Sheer Cover Mineral Face Makeup sells for 29.99 plus shipping costs. I did not recieve the entire kit so I personally dont know what my little kit costs. If you are interest in Sheer Cover here is their website:

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