Tuesday, January 3, 2012

History of Glam: Natural 1920's


During the 20's cheek products were not referred to as "blush" but as rouge. The most common shades were those in the rose/berry shade family. By 1925 orange rouge was new and quickly became everyones favorite. Rouge came in a variety of textures just as they do today. The first layer was cream or liquid, then that would be covered with a thin layer of powder followed by powdered rouge. As for placement of this rouge, it was commonly applied to the apples of the cheeks, much as it is today, but the color wasn't ever blended into the skin. The circles were very visible to the naked eye.

                  Clara Bow was an American actress who rose to fame during the silent movie era of the 20's. Her role as a cheery girl who loved shopping in the film "It" brought her global stardom and was quickly nicknamed "The It Girl." Clara Bow was the leading sex symbol during the roaring twenties. She appeared in 46 silent films and 11 newer aged movies called "talkies.". Every woman during this time lusted after the dramatic shape of her lips. Her lips were her trademark. During this time, twist up lipstick was invented. Just before this popular twist up lipstick was invented, women were used a metal tube with a tiny lever on this side of the tube which they would use the edge of their finger nails to move the lipstick up or down.
Mascara wasn't enough for the women of the 1920's. They wanted their lashes to stick out and be incredibly noticeable. Some women would apply tiny drops of wax with a toothpick to each eyelash giving off the impression of a tiny row pearls. Foundation colors during this era changed several times. In the early 20's cream and ivory shades were very popular following closely behind were peachy shades. The middle of the decade makeup colors were still natural but just a tad bit lighter than the natural skin tone.
Eyebrows during this time were all about how small you could get them. Major plucking took place in order to rid as much of the brows as possible. The desired look was a thin line that curved downward toward the temple. A grease liner pencil was used to dramatically darken the strange line. There was nothing subtle nor natural about eyeliner in the 20's. Women weren't used to make lashes look thicker but instead they were used to thickly line every inch of the eyelid. Popular eyeliners were black grease liners or kohl pencils. Everything Eygptian was very popular during this decade. Eyeshadows were usually natural colors and dark coal or ashy colors.

For my look I kept it dark yet still subtle. I incorporated the dark smokey lids with the dreamy eyed look as well.  Here's my look.

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