Thursday, January 19, 2012

Decade Of Glam: Dramatic 1930's

The dramatic look of the 30's wasn't very different from the neutral look. It was just changed up a bit for night time or special events. With the inspiration of movie starlets, glamour was the new trend.  Women mimicked the looks of May West, Marlene Dietrich, and Bette Davis.  

Women replaced their daytime light rose lipstick to a darker crimson red. They would round out the shape of their lips for a more sexy, kissable look without trying to seem made up. Eyebrows were drawn on quite thicker than the 20's and slicked down with petroluem jelly.  Mascara was mainly a date night/ special event beauty product. Women would layer coats and coats on for a dreamy eye effect.  Contouring was big in this time, face powders and rouge let alone were the main focus besides eye lashes. Women wanted a glowy rosy effect. With women no longer afraid of wearing makeup, this allowed so many women the abilitly to feel and look like a star. Completely glamourous.

For my look I stuck close to the neutral look, yet i darkened the crease with 3 different shades of brown. I used a light taupe, lighter brown, and a chocolate brown. I used the same skin toned eye shadow for my lid. For the lips, I used a dark crimson red.

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