Saturday, December 10, 2011

Emily Exposed

Emily has always been a little crazy. But this time she went too far. She has held an inner demon deep inside of her, one she would never show. This voice or entity always told her she was never good enough, never pretty enough, and no one would ever love her. And she believed it wholeheartedly. The more and more she gave in the more she destroyed herself. It started with the scratching, digging her nails into any skin exposed. She tried hiding her little obsession as long as she could. But whenever she was alone, it would consume her. Soon she started to pull and rip at her hair tearing chunks out at a time. Her narcissistic mother bought her a lovely wig but Emily refused to wear it. Her mother would ask her " How do you expect anyone to love you when your purposely trying to be ugly? No daughter of mine would act this way. Can't you just smile?" Emily knew she would never live up to her mother's expectations, but at least she is living up to the expectations of the monster dwelling within. Emily eventually pulled out all of her eyebrows and eyelashes. She blew the little hairs like confetti across her floor. That's when Emily heard it calling. She replayed her mother's words in her head. "Just Smile" over and over like a broken record. Never stopping.
When her mother walked into her bedroom to wake her up the next morning, she screamed in absolute horror. Emily took her mother's words to heart, she cut her lips, ripping and peeling the skin from her jaws exposing a big bright smile. 

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