Thursday, December 15, 2011

History Of Glam: Natural 1910-1920

Max Factor, who originally from Poland, introduced make up to the masses in the United States. At  The World's Fair in 1910 he adorned the first model with body paint. This quickly helped him to become the head make up artist for movie studios and was the first to use actresses to model his cosmetics.

This was one of the most historical years in our country. Women were finally given the rights to vote, and for the first time, women had disposable incomes for beauty products. 1910-1920 also experienced a terrible war. During this time make up was being scarcely imported from Germany. American make up companies started sprouting in hopes of giving American women a better scorce of makeup directly from home. Beauty beforethe war was something completely different than after the war. Pre-war beauty was known as "The Gibson Girl." The Gibson girl was created by illustrator Charles Dana Gibson and she was considered the first national standard of feminine beauty. The fictional image of the Gibson girl was extremely populars. There was high merchandising of the fictional character and the artist believed her as a representation of " thousands of American girls." And girl were sure thriving to look like her.

The Gibson Girl was tall and slender with volumpious curves. She had an highly exaggerated S-curve torso only achieved by wearing a swan-bill corset. Her image epitomized the late 19th-early 20th century facinastion with statuesque youthful features with ephemeral beauty. Her hair was often piled high upon her head with a contemporary bouffant, pompadour or chignon. She was tall, narrow-waisted and an all around ideal feminine figure who was portrayed as being multi-facted and always at ease and very fashionable.

 The Gibson Girl was considered to be very polite and respectful. She never dated,but she had to be considered as at once remote but yet very accessibly to the right man. She always waited for an honorable and gentlemanly man to make himself known and court her. Sex was something never done outside of wedlock. Promiscuity was a trait that the Gibson Girl  definitely did not have.

The Gibson Girl's look and feel was thrived after by many girls. But after in July of 1914 everything changed. World War I changed everybody's mind about the gibson girl.
For this era I decided to do two different looks, one for the Gibson Girl era and one for post-WWI because make up did change quite a bit after the war. I'll take more about the beauty change after WWI in my dramatic post. But after the war dreamy eyes were still big but dreamy, yet mysterious looking eyes were starting to get very big. For The Gibson Girl look I did a very basic look. I covered my lids with just a neutral skin toned eye shadow and lined it with a black gel liner. I lined my bottom water line with a white pencil and mascara. That's it. I don't quite fit the look for The Gibson Girl. lol. For the Post World War I look I did a brown smokey eye since the eye shadows offered then were only neutral colors and blacks and kohl colors. I rimmed my eyes rather heavily since this look started taking off then, and bright lips with a slightly heavy contour to my cheeks.
                                      The Gibson Girl                                        Post WWI

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