Wednesday, December 7, 2011

History of Glam: Dramatic 1900-1910

In the early 1900's, The United States was hit with a terrible disease killing one out of seven people. This disease was known as Tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a disease caused by a bacteria called "Mycobacterium tuberculosis". This bacteria attacked the lungs, kidneys, spine and brain. If not treated properly TB was fatal. It was the leading cause of death between 1900-1910. Tuberculosis was an airborne disease, easily contagious and spread from person to person. Symptoms of TB were coughing, unexplained weight loss, fatigue, fever, night sweats, chills, loss of appetite, chest pain, pain while breathing, back pain, coughing up blood or blood in urine.This bacteria was put into the air by a person with active tuberculosis, so whenever this person coughed, sneezed spoke or sung people were almost instantly infected.  Another way to catch TB was of course exposure, but immigration, travel, well crowded towns or living spaces.
People infected with active tuberculosis were isolated from society and usually placed in sanatoriums. These self-confined communities became known as "waiting rooms for death". An estimated 110,000 Americans died each year from tuberculosis in the 1900's.

During this devastating time, women took beauty to a disturbing  and morbid level. As these women saw friends and family coming down with the sickness and being placed in sanatoriums, they decided this sick and deathly look was something to be sought after. How crazy is that? Actually wanting to look like your dying. Women would use heavy amounts of face powder enriched with lead to pale out their skin. They used this so often that these women were dying of lead poisoning. Some women would drink a mixture of vinegar and arsenic to create a more natural sickly look which inevitably killed them from arsenic poisoning. Big doe and dreamy eyes were something to have during this time that when TB hit, it gave the infected big glossy, dilated almost stoned eyes. The ladies of early 1900's were coming up with a eye drop made with an tremendously and damaging amount of liquid belladonna (Belladonna used in high amounts is very poisonous) These eye drops caused many, many women to go blind. They would use ash to contour their cheeks giving them a sunken-in look. Beet juice and soot to accentuate dark circles and creating an almost bruising effect.

I decided to mimic their weird inspiration of beauty and look like I have tuberculosis. I used a small amount of white face cream just to pale out my complexion. I set this with a very light face powder. Next i took a light ashy eyeshadow from my  palette and contoured my cheeks, jaw, and brow area. Next i took a light pink eyeshadow and put it underneath my eye along with a purple eyeshadow to give that bruise effect. Then I took a sickly yellow I found and patted it along my lid. I took the same ashy gray color and rocked it into my socket crease giving off a sunken/hollow-ish look. For the lips, I just put concealor on top of it. I have not edited these pictures whatsoever. I figured the grosser and sicker the better.

Products Used:
-24 hour Day moisturizing cream
-Wolfe white face paint
-Coastal Scents 88 pallete
-Avon quad in Tropical Spice
-CoverGirl Professional Color Match in Tropical Paradise.
-DermaBlend setting powder.

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