Monday, December 5, 2011

The History Of Glam : 1900-1910

Makeup was very taboo during this time, the only ones who really wore any makeup were prostitutes. So unless you were a movie star, it was considered trashy to wear alot of makeup. In the early 1910's Maxx Factor came out with a pancake face powder, it was a very thick skin powder used to intensely mattify the face. ( I still hear people referring to women who wear alot of makeup as "Pancake Faces.") Blotting powders were also a new item in beauty during the early 1900's. Very pale skin was in during this time. Women were often seen as fragile and delicate, so any women that had a sun tan was considered lower class because most common jobs involved being outdoors. Women even took pale skin to sickly and deadly levels that I'll dicuss in my dramatic look for this era.

Makeup wasn't what it is today back then, there really wasn't much of a demand for it. There wasn't enough makeup being mass produced so most women would come up with little home remedies to create their own makeup tricks. Some women would pinch their cheeks repeatedly in 10 second intervals to create a natural rosy cheek. Some used a dab of beet juice to create this look as well. The eyes were not really touched because there wasn't much makeup, but eyelashes were a big focal point. Maybelline was actually created and used in the 1910's. Big doey, dreamy eyes were a desired look as well. For lips there wasn't any mass produced lipstick until 1909 when a very sheer pearly, irridescent gloss came out, But most women only dabbed this onto their lips.

Makeup Facts for 1900-1910
1904: Max Factor migrates from Lodz, Poland, to the United States, and four years later to Los Angeles, where he sells make-up to movie stars that does not cake or crack.

1905: Sarah McWilliams begins to sell a hair growth treatment door-to-door. After she married Charles.J. Walker, she became known as Madam C.J. Walker and incorporated her company in Indianapolis in 1911.

1909: Florence and cosmetologist Elizabeth Hubbard open a salon on Fifth Avenue in New York, which Graham will rename Elizabeth Arden.

1909:French chemist Eugene Schueller develops the first safe commerical hair dye, In 1910, he names his company L'Oreal.

Here is the look I came up with for this era. It is very simple, it focuses mainly on big dreamy eyes and big lashes. As well as rosy cheeks. I have naturally rosy cheeks which I always try and cover but today was relieving that I didn't have too. lol.

I was very inspired by all the old pictures I found of women from the early 1900's that I wanted to edit a picture to look similar to those of old cameras.

-Neutragena Oil Free Moisturizer
-Sheer Cover mineral face powder in Nude
-Sheer Cover mineral Bronzer
-CoverGirl Dream Matte Mousse blush in 40 Soft Plum
-Rimmel White eye liner
-Victorian Disco eye shadow in Droids
-Revlon 12 Hour Color Stay in 02 Coffee Bean
-L'Oreal Colour Riche lip gloss in 400 Soft Coral
Neutragena Soothing lipstick in 50 Ruby Bliss
-Maybelline XXL PRO black mascara
-Maybelline Great Lash Blackest Black mascara



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