Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Top 10 Craziest Facials.

We all have heard the hype about "At Home Facials." Almost every blogger, beauty advocate, and youtube beauty gurus has talked about it or even made up their own concoction. I personally love natural facials. I like the fact that I know exactly what is being put on my skin. I'm not a big fan of chemicals and side effects. But as I learn about facials and different products used in them, I've learned some ingredients are extremely odd and a little gross. I have for you today, the top 10 craziest facials.

10.  Bird Poop Facials.

Droppings from the Nightingale, combined with bran and other ingredients help create this lovely facials with prices starting around $180 an hour. The Geisha Facial as it is commonly known by was once used in powder form by geishas to remove makeup and bring luster back into their cheeks. Now celebrities like Tom Cruise and David and Victoria Beckham line up for this lovely facial.

 Now Nightingales are not sitting in cages, with their little beaks crammed, the dropping are somewhat sterilized by a UV light. I mean as sterile as poop can get. lol. This facial is supposed to make skin appear bright and radiant as well as clean.

9 The Vampire Facial.

This facial sounds  a bit twilight-like. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian flock to their trusty esthesticans for this facial. Basically an esthetican draws blood and injects it back into your face which will spark production of elastin and collagen. This will give a fuller, youthful glow.

8. Stem Cell Facial.

Known as better-than-botox, this facial goes for a whopping rate of $20,000 a pop. This facial is supposed to give you the Zac Efron/18 again feeling.  Stem cells are injected into your face making you feel like a tween again.  Though this facial has had some negative side affects from women reporting the cells transforming their facial tissue into bone matter. This girl is gonna pass.

7. Beer Facials.

Ugh I hate beer. The smell, the taste; yuck. But beer is very beneficial to the skin. Germany has beer pools where you can swim in a huge pool of beer while they serve you unlimited fresh cold beer. I would love to go. Beer has anti-inflammatory properties as well as promote regeneration and healing attributes. Though do you want to waste a perfectly good cold one?

6. Kitty Litter Mask.

A popular youtube guru vlogged her mask using kitty litter. Turns out your kitty's bathroom sand is actually quite toxic. Sodium Benonite, a clumping agent found in kitty litter can cause lethargy and muscle weakness/spasms. So this is one facial you might want to steer clear of.

5.Sperm Facial.

Now I dunno what's worse new semen cocktails they've created or rubbing jizz on your face. But according to scientists spermine, the active ingredient in sperm helps clear zits and acne, and acts as an anti-aging solution.

4. Breast Milk

Who wants to rub boobie juice on their face?! Come on up! Breast milk is has anti itch properties
as well as soothing properties for acne and eczema. Breast milk also supposedly works great for removing makeup.  I find this one quite creepy especially if you're not expecting nor have a newborn.

3. Snail Secretions.

Remember when it was late at night you went barefoot outside and suddenly felt a slimy squish under your little piggies. Well that squished up snail could've been applied to your face. Why waste right?? :P The secretions of a snail are actually found commonly in famous moisturizers. Michael Todd Cosmetics Anti Aging line is rich with snail secretions. This secretions helps lock in moisture and soothes stretch marks. Recently scientists have found a substance in the secretion that can aid in many skin disorders.

2. Sheep Placenta.

Victoria Beckham is supposedly a big fan of this treatment. Basically a serum is made from lamb chop's afterbirth and slathered on your face to fight the signs of aging. Doesn't sound too appealing to me.

1. Fire Facial.

This is a popular facial in China and Japan. This treatment involves an esthetican applying an alcohol soaked cloth on your face and lighting that sucker up. Now the fire is put out as quick as it is set it still seems a bit sketchy. This treatment is supposed to spark weight loss, combat colds and fight that tired look. The question is, how much do you like your lashes and brows?


  1. Wow these are pretty crazy, don't know if I would every try these facials!

    1. I know right?? Some are definitely out there :P