Saturday, June 15, 2013

Review Time: Makeup Forever Sens' Eyes Makeup Remover

I recently went on a little shopping trip with my cosmo class. Yes I said it a SHOPPING TRIP!! We took an overly basic makeup class in our local Sephora and got $50 in free makeup. Now most of you know 50 bucks at Sephora doesn't stretch very far but I did pick up some AMAZING THINGS. I must confess I am a total fat kid in a candy store when it comes to makeup stores. I run around like that little ADHD 5 year old you see running crazy through the store while my friends tend to look like the exhausted, un-amused mother who is contemplating just leaving lol. :P
I wasn't too into taking this makeup class neither was my best friend, She basically wanted me to just do her makeup while they taught. Now I know it sounds mean but at first I wasn't feeling going to the mall 45 minutes out of town without makeup then have a random classmate do my makeup and end up walking around the mall with a "creation" on my face. But in the end it was hilarious and I had so much fun. With that, I did wear a rainbow look to sport and ended up having to remove it, well I have a problem with it staining my lids. The sweetest guy named Larry showed me this remover by Makeup Forever. I instantly fell in love!!! It removed all of my eye makeup with out any pink stains! 
Sens'Eyes is made directly for sensitive skin. You barely need a drop to remove it from your eyes and about 3 to remove face makeup. A little goes a LONG way with this. I cannot express how amazing this is! If you find yourself at Sephora I definitely recommend picking this up even if it is the travel size like mine. I promise you will not regret it.

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