Saturday, June 22, 2013

Claw Marks.

Hello lovelies,

 By now I'm sure you all are aware of my odd obsession with horror movies. I love them! I grew up watching scary movies in my grandma's living room, in the dark hiding under blankets with my cousin. I remember loving to go to the video stores as a kid and renting the scariest VHS cover I could find. Usually it turned into a terrible gory sex fest but hey, I guess that sparked my love for Troma movies now. :P

One genre of horror movies I love is Werewolves. There are several werewolf movies and shows these days. I usually prefer werewolf movies with actual hand made special effect monsters but there are some CG ones I can handle. (Teen Wolf is my shizz!)  My all time favorite is the Ginger Snaps series. I wanted to do a makeup look in ode to werewolf movies. Now I didn't want to create a full on werewolf because honestly, I'm not THAT good. Not yet atleast. But I did create a werewolf victim.  Enjoy!


  1. oh my god that looks amazing (in a digusting horror-film kind of way)
    Must get really sweaty under that eye though! haha

    1. Thanks! It was incredibly hot that day (Oklahoma summer...ICK) I was rocking a lovely sweat 'stache that day. lol :P :P