Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Top Favorite Fragrances.

Who doesn't like to smell good? Our scents can make or break a first impression. Smelling good can be inviting to others. I mean who wants to hang around someone who is straight up funky? lol  Good perfumes and fragrances can be found anywhere. They don't have to be designer or come with a free tote bag with purchase to be a great smelling perfume. Not every perfume from a designer or one at an expensive department store smells good, In fact I have smelled some very very bad ones that were high end. My favorites have been found for fairly cheap and smell excellent.

Pink Ice by Rue 21

My friend at the time had this perfume before I did, She sprayed it once for me to smell and after that everytime I went to her house I would steal a squirt of it. It smells great! But now I have my own and I bet she's happy about that :P Pink Ice is a mixture of floral and fruity that smells absolutely sweet. It's great for date nights or even on the go. I think I bought this for about $10. This has to be probably my second favorite.

Midnight Pomegrante.

I can't walk into Bath & Body without spraying 50 different kinds of perfumes and and sniffing lotions. I stumbled upon this lovely scent while preparing to go to Branson. This has a variety of different scents to create this wonderful fruity and slightly musky fragrance. Now I'm not one for musky perfumes but this is such a subtle one that it's A OK with me. :] This perfume has a blend of sandalwood, patchouli, anise, pomegrantes, sparkling citrus and many more. It's a great when I'm in a hurry to run errands or just for a light scent. This was $14

Butterfly Flower

This was another great find at Bath & Body. I bought these two together. Though I haven't used this one nearly as much as Midnight Pomegrante just for the simple reason that it smells identical to a fresh daisy. Now don't get me wrong I absolutely LOVE the smell of daisies and this perfume but i DO NOT dare to wear this in the spring. I've made that mistake and was almost attacked by bees. lol Like I said it's identical to daisies. This was part of a limited collection. But if you do find it grab it up!

Love Spell.

I loved this fragrance since I was a child. I remember being in Cali walking through the malls and having to stop at Victoria's secrets to spray some on me. :P This is my all time favorite perfume. This is a great date night perfume or even if you just wanna feel sexy lol. That's what this perfume smells like fruity and sexy haha. It has a blend of white jasmine, peach, anise, cherry blossom. My boyfriend also loves this perfume lol. This was $20 and SO worth every penny.

Patchouli Oil

Sometimes I just don't feel like wearing perfume, but still wanna smell good. So I'll grab my handy dandy patchouli oil. Now when you wear patchouli only a dab will work. Patchouli can be such an overbearing smell usually adorn by hippies trying to cover up the smell of you-know-what :P But not in my case. I absolutely love the smell of patchouli when worn right hahah. Have you ever noticed within an hour it seems as though your perfume you applied has faded? well Patchouli doesn't fade haha.

Hippie Chic

This is such a lovely perfume. I received this as a christmas present and as you can tell I'm down to fumes pretty much. lol. Usually when I think of hippies, I think of either bad hygiene or an over abundance of patchouli, and I love hippies but mannn. lol. This on the other hand is a light nature based perfume. It is fruity and floral. It has a combination of fuji apples, hibiscus, jasmine, lily of the valley, rasberry, pomegrante and sandalwood. It's very delightful. This is about $60 for the full bottle.

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