Thursday, May 3, 2012

8 Out of the Box Ways To Use Your Nail Polish.

When you think of nail polish, you think of painting your nails right?? Well your nail polish can do much more than just that.

1. Spice up those heels.

You can use your favorite nail polish to paint the soles of your heels with. It's a easy and cheap way to update them. Remember to tape out the area so you don't get polish on anywhere else but the sole. Using an opaque color so it wont reveal the true color.

2. Ms. Fix it.

Nail polish can work as shoe polish to cover up any scratches or scrapes on your shoes. Most of the time it is hard to find a match to your shoes. Nail polish comes in every color so you'll always have a match. Just make sure you test it on your nail first.

3. Personalize.

Making gifts can be fun. Some people even like making intitaled gifts for their friends and family. Nail Polish and a stencil can work wonders in that department.

4. Spicing up your jewelry.

Do you have a boring old necklace? try repainting it with nail polish! Nail polish can help give new life to any faux necklace, ring or earrings. A pop of color can really change things up.

5.  Live Alittle Longer

Have you ever bought a cute little ring and within a couple of days your finger is forest green? well when the air hits the metal, it oxidizes and changes it's color. Using a clear, finishing coat will lock out the air and keep your finger from turning that nasty color.

6. Pasty! Pasty!

Your doing this fun little project and you just ran out of friggin glue! What next? Grab some nail polish! By adding a couple drops of nail polish to your item can work as an adhesive. I would only use this when you seriously run out of normal glue first.

7. My That's A Fabulous Wart.

Painting a drop of nail polish on a wart will remove it within a week. But you must throw away the nail polish to avoid spreading issues.

8. I've ripped my pants!

Clear nail polish can stop pantyhose from running any farther.So make sure to have a bottle handy!

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