Monday, May 21, 2012

DecoDen Crazy

Ever since I seen an article of Beautylish about 3D nails I have fallen in love with this style. The Kawaii Decoden trend has been huge in Japan and has just hit the states within the past month. Decoden is basically decorating phones, mirrors, laptops, ipods hell even nails with charms, crystals and miniature sweets.

I think 3D nails are very cute and quirky. It's definitely creative! But I find these nails impractical. Imagine the hassle of these? These nails would make zipping up your pants, grabbing things, or even going the the bathroom an obstacle. lol :P Their cute nontheless.

I've seen so many cute decoden things lately that I've been dying to make my own! I recently gotten a new phone which from day one I've been coming up with idea's to design my phone case! Finally I've done it! It was surprisingly quick and very easy.

All the little charms I used were originally buttons I purchased from my local craft store for no more than 2.75 a package I used wire cutters to clip off the button loops on the back for a flatter surface. I also used Latex Caulking which can be found at Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot. The Caulking will look like white frosting when it's dry.

 Isn't it cute?? This case was originally a basic metallic pink color. My little sister thought my idea was stupid before hand until she saw the finished look and immediately wanted her's done too. :P

This is what her case looks like. Her's was a little more difficult to do since her case is made out of silicone. So swirling the caulking around was rather difficult in spots. But I didn't stop here oh no. lol :P I even decorated a little mirror.

I think this mirror is absolutely ADORABLE! I don't know if I want to keep it or save it back for a giveaway. What do you think? Should I add this into my giveaway collection? Have you made any decoden items?


  1. I secretly love nails like this but am too chicken to actually do it. The case and mirror look yummy and adorable!