Thursday, April 25, 2013

DIY: Soap Caps

Hello lovelies,
  How have you all been? I've been doing a lot of hair lately, even though I really don't like doing hair. We learned how to formulate our own colors a while back and I did fairly good with my previous formulation that I thought I would try it out again on myself. I was growing tired of my faded copper-y red, I wanted something bright and new. I decided to go a rich hot pink. First and foremost I knew I needed to lighten my hair, but I REALLY dislike bleaching my hair. I hate how it feels, and I feel like I'm just damaging my hair.  I talked it over with my instructors and they taught me a new gentler way to lighten your hair, I thought you all might like to learn about soap caps :]

Soap caps consist of bleach or lightner as I'm supposed to say, 20-40 developer, and clarifying shampoo. Soap caps can be used to remove unwanted colors or a toner that quickly absorbed into porous hair. They can even be used to touch up roots and ends. Soap caps can help stop oxidation in cheaper hair colors as well.

Since I knew my formulated color was about 3 shades lighter than my current hair color I used a 2 oz of 30 volume developer to 2 oz of lightener and about 3-4 oz of clarifying shampoo. A soap cap is always applied to wet hair. I applied mine in the shower and left it for about 25 minutes. After rinsing I noticed it wasn't exactly as light as I wanted it. My ends were darker than I expected so the next day I decided to do another process to my ends with 20 volume which would allow my ends to match perfectly with the top half of my head.

If your doing this process on another person never leave your client as this process can sometimes take quickly. Also if your doing this to achieve a brighter blonde or even going blonde remember that this will leave your hair feeling slightly coarse until you apply a finishing color or toner.

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