Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dark Waters.

I've been pretty M.I.A lately and I apologize. It's been a pretty couple of weeks. I've been to the lake about 3 times a week barbecuing with best friends, my sisters and our little ones. I think I have finally gotten over my fears of lake water lol. I have lived in Oklahoma for almost 7 years and have never even put a foot in any lake. The water is a dirty brownish color that I personally like to refer it as "poop water." Oh not to mention the fact that I have been fishing on a calm, hot, beautiful day with my boyfriend and have seen water moccasins gliding through the water. If you don't know what a water moccasin is, its a highly poisonous snake that my ass wants no part of. :P  Anywho we have been there so much that I have fried to a crisp, then refried all over again.

Along with the lake, our town had it's annual festival called Sunfest. It's filled with all different varieties of over-priced food and drinks as well as booths selling things from soaps and candles to dipping your hand in hot wax and keeping the mold for a great $15. They also have a wonderful mixture of musical genres. I love this old blues guy who plays every year. But we finally had a bigger band come through, an excellent Beatles tribute band who won a Grammy this previous year. I must say they were FABULOUS! I swear it was like a legit concert there. I live in a fairly small town of 30,000 and I think about half of the town was in that tiny park rocking out with us.

It was quite hot that day, so I decided to wear very minimal makeup. I wore a shimmery white eyeshadow on my lid paired with magenta and a dark taupe shadow on the crease and outer corner of my eyes. For lipstick I went with a light coral gloss.

I have also been working very hard to get into Cosmotology at the local college with my bestie. We both passed our testing, and got a spot after calling our old high school on 2 minute intervals trying to get those women to finally answer their phones. lol But we have it all fixed and transcripts are sent. Now I'm just waiting for a callback to see if I got it for sure. I'm extremely excited yet nervous. But I know I will do magnificent in it because it's been something I've been studying daily on my own for 4 years now. :]

I decided today I would do something dramatic with my makeup. I have missed going color crazy with my face. lol. So here is the look I'm currently rocking.

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