Monday, March 3, 2014

Most Common Eyebrow Mistakes.

We all know the importance of a nicely shaped brow. They can help frame our individual face shapes and  help us look a little more polished. In the struggle of unruly eyebrows, some of us are making some major eyebrow no-no's and that is why this post is being written; to lessen the struggle and hopefully help some with some at-home tips.

1. Placement

When it comes to shaping your eyebrows, the main rule is you can only work with what you have so be sparing. Always stop and look at the opposite brow to make sure you have symmetry. To determine the beginning point, arch, and ending point, it is best to use a brush or pencil and a mirror. This allows you to better determine these points. Place the brush/pencil along the side of your nose, this is where the brow should start. Next, moving the brush/pencil directly across your iris (from the outer corner of your nose) this is where your arch should be. Lastly extending it towards the outer corner, still touching your nose, this is the ending point.

2. Using Unclean Tweezers.

Never use old or unclean tweezers! I cannot stress this enough. As you are pulling the hair out you are causing a microscopic injury to the skin/follicle. Dirty tweezers can spread infection.

It is best to clean and sanitize your tweezers with a dab of 70-90% isopropyl alcohol and let it dry. Before and after tweezing, swipe antiseptic on the skin around your brows to further prevent a bacterial infection.

3. Too Much Arch.

Rainbow or Nike shaped eyebrows can leave the face looking constantly surprised. To find the natural arch, look at the highest point of your eyebrows. This is typically two-thirds of the way from the inner brow. Tweezing below this helps create a more natural look lift in the face. If you have lighter brows or just unsure when it comes to eyebrows, try filling your brows in and tweeze around the ideal shape.

4. Overusing the Brow Filler/Pencil

Light feathery strokes of an eyebrow pencil can transform thin, fragile brows from eh to gorgeous and well defined. The object of a brow pencil or filler is to shade in any sparse spot and trace the brows. When choosing a pencil or filler try to avoid black, even if you have black eyebrows, Instead use a shade that is 1-2 shades lighter.

5. Tweezing/Waxing While Using  Accutane/ Retnoid Creams.

Accutane is a prescription drug used to combat cystic acne, severe acne and excess oil by disrupting the oil glands with vitamins. This causes the skin to get pretty dry. Tweezing and waxing while using Accutane can tear the skin causing tiny wounds. It is recommended to wait 6 weeks after the last dose to get waxed.

Retnoid creams fight aging, boost collagen, speed up cell turnover and unclog pores. But it also leaves the skin very sensitive and thin. It is also recommended to wait 6 weeks after the last dose before getting waxed.

6. Never Seeing A Professional.

If your unsure about your brow look or nervous about overplucking, or even if you have overplucked and want it fixed, go see a specialist! A professional can help you find your natural arch, teach you up-keeping, Even if you see them only once or twice a year.

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