Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Updated Facial Routine!

       I've been asked about my skin and my skin care routine a lot lately, so I wanted to make this post all about my skin type and the things I have found that works wonders for it!

        I never really had any skin issues growing up.I had few pimples and blackheads here and there but nothing too horrible. Though, the few times that I would get a pimple, they would be deep, painful ones. (Yum, I know) In middle school I made the decision to take daily care of my skin in fear that I would slowly end up as another pizza faced preteen.

Over the years, my skin has changed with exposure, stress, motherhood and so on. Moving from California to Oklahoma has definitely affected my skin as well. I don't have a bad complexion persay; but my skin does have it's issues. My forehead tends to get really dry and painful in the fall -winter due to eczema which sucks because it's always sore and raw feeling. It's incredibly sensitive and most products tend to burn it really bad. My chin tends to get the occasional breakouts due to stress, that time of the month, or just because. Here are some great things that work for me.

For a cleanser I really like Neutrogena's Deep Clean Cream Cleanser. It has a cooling effect to help me feel awake and refreshed. Other cleansers I have tried stripped too much of the natural oils from my face, leaving it feeling very dry and tight but this cleanser doesn't. Plus there is no alcohol to affect the dry spots on my face. I would recommend this to any person with acne, oily to normal skin types. I purchased this at Wal-Mart for 8.95

                 I FINALLY got my hands on some of this!! I loved working with this exfoliation at my Cosmetology school so much that I purchased my own. This is Nitty Gritty from Clinical Care Rx. It's a bit steep at $50, but it's totally worth it. This is a gysum crystal based exfoilant that can have almost a similar effect as microdermabrasion. It can also prolong the life of your microderm treatment. It makes my skin feel very smooth and rejuvenated. I would recommend this to anyone from mature, normal, acne, combination, or oily skin types. I would not use this on dry skin though, exfoliation on dry skin can hurt, TRUST ME! I have a dry forehead during the winter and I've made the mistake of using this on my forehead, it burns, and can just irritate dry skin even further.

             That amazing little thing resting on top is my Clarisonic  Facial Brush from Olay for $23.95. I really enjoy this little guy! this mechanical exfoliating brush in accompany with Nitty Gritty helps my face feel fresh, smooth and new. This brush helps remove the dead skin cells from my face, revealing fresh new skin underneath. I would recommend this to anyone with mature, normal,acne, combination, or oily skin. I would not recommend this to anyone with dry skin, this will also have a harsh effect to the skin.

                    After cleansing and exfoliating, I like to tone my fresh skin with Sea Breeze Sensitive Skin. This bad boy is a product my mother and aunt told me about. They both used it as teens so I figures What-The-Hey and gave it a try. I'm super glad I did. This astringent helps keep my ph balance in check, preventing my skin from going haywire during the seasons change. Plus it smells like cologne. :P  I would recommend this to acne, normal, oily or combination skin. Again I would not used this on dry skin due to the alcohol content.

I bought this 2 weeks ago and I really like it! Now I don't skin to a certain face mask. I change them up due my the changes in my skin during the changes in season. But for right now I am currently digging this face mask. This is a 2 in 1 face mask. It is a mask as well as an exfoliant. Active charcoal is really good for the skin. When activated, the charcoal acts as a sponge drawing all the dirt and toxins to the surface of your skin, and purifying it. I have skipped my Nitty Gritty before and gone straight to this then toning afterwards. If I do use Nitty Gritty beforehand I will pat this on my face to avoid over scrubbing my face which can cause tiny abrasions which make it easier to obtain an infection.  I got this for a steal of $6.99

After my mask, I like to use Benzoyl Peroxide 10% as a spot control if I have a breakout. Benzoyl Peroxide can help dry out a pimple, reduce size and redness. This I recieved from a dermatologist and I highly recommend to acne and oily skin types. 

Eucerin is a life saver. I started using this over 3 months ago while trying to find a good lotion to help with my daughter Delilah's moderate eczema on her lower half, and my eczema on my forehead. Ours get tender during the winter months so finding a good lotion that doesn't hurt the hell out of us was something we direly needed. We have made our rounds with lotions and finally came upon this. Eucerin Intensive Repair. It is a tad greasy but after a minute or so my skin absorbs it all and it just feels so soft and hydrated. My forehead doesn't hurt from the cold. It feels normal and just great! I highly recommend this to anyone who suffers with eczema, dry skin, winter itch, or normal skin. We got this for 12.50

So there it is. My skin care routine as of now. It is constantly changing just like the seasons. I'm sure I'll have another updated routine on here once summer hits. Also more reviews of face masks!

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